Managing Conflict at Work: Understanding and Resolving Conflict for Productive Working Relationships

  • 9h 40m 17s
  • Clive Johnson, Jackie Keddy
  • Brilliance Publishing
  • 2010

Managing Conflict at Work provides practical guidance on how to prevent, contain and resolve conflict in the workplace. It demonstrates how effective conflict management can have a powerful impact on the way organizations channel their energies, encouraging positive mindsets and building stronger and happier workforces. Aimed not just at mediators and conflict practitioners, but at staff managers and anyone who needs to deal with people disputes, the book emphasises simple and practical ways for dealing with conflict situations - both when potential disputes are first emerging, and once a conflict has escalated into a formal complaint.

The book is accompanied by an extensive range of ready-to-use templates and case studies and is supported by a dedicated website, providing information and downloads referred to in the book, as well as videos and podcasts.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - The Nature of Conflict
  • Chapter 2 - Deciphering Conflict Management
  • Chapter 3 - Options for Resolving Conflict
  • Chapter 4 - RESOLVE — The Janus Perspective
  • Chapter 5 - Preventing Conflict
  • Chapter 6 - Managing Conflict from the Front Line
  • Chapter 7 - Escalated Dispute Resolution
  • Chapter 8 - The Practice of Dispute Resolution: Critical Encounters
  • Chapter 9 - Strategic Planning and Conflict Management
  • Chapter 10 - Implementing a Conflict Management Strategy
  • Chapter 11 - Monitoring and Evaluation