Professional in Human Resources: Employee Relations

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Negative behaviors have negative consequences. HR provides managers and employees with the documents to establish organizational policies and guidelines to ensure consistent communication. When violations occur, they should be dealt with fairly across employees groups, following a documented process. Should the need arise for employees to exit the organization, regardless of the reason, courtesy and confidentially are extended. In this course, we'll explore a series of infractions that can escalate from minor to grave and the various actions that are within the realm of HR.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    differentiate between employer and employee rights
    recall the federal laws and regulations related to the Civil Rights Acts
    recall the federal laws and regulations related to equal rights in employee relations
    recall the federal laws and regulations related to employment transitions
    recall the federal laws and regulations related to federal employee relations activities
    distinguish between the types of commitments that form the employment relationship
    identify the types of documentation employers use to communicate decisions, actions, and activities and provide clear boundaries
    define the types of workplace behavior issues
    describe the steps in resolving a workplace conflict
  • identify the steps to handle internal investigations
    differentiate between positive and negative approaches to discipline
    define the standard processes for all types of separations
    identify the considerations for layoff conditions
    describe the types of tort claims impacting the employment relationship
    define the types of employment liability claims
    describe the company-sponsored methods of ADR
    describe the activities in the ligation process
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course



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