New Managers: Mastering the Big 3 Principles of Effective Management - Leadership, Communication, and Team Building

  • 3h 20m 36s
  • Paul Falcone
  • HarperCollins Leadership
  • 2022

An accessible and practical playbook by leading HR expert Paul Falcone to cultivate your most vital resource: having the right people working hard for you.

Take the guesswork out of one of the most crucial elements for success—selecting the right people and managing and motivating them to success—using the wealth of knowledge contained within this ultimate desk reference.

Chock-full of wisdom and real-life scenarios on leadership, communication, and team building, this book covers topics ranging from basic to sophisticated, including:

  • Identifying the best and brightest talent.
  • Hiring for organizational compatibility.
  • Addressing uncomfortable workplace situations.
  • Creating an environment that motivates.
  • Retaining restless top performers.
  • Delegating in a way that develops your staff.
  • And much, much more.

Ultimately, this practical playbook is for managers at all levels and is a single, indispensable resource that will help them hire more effectively, exercise healthy communication, and build great teams.

About the Author

Paul Falcone is CHRO of the Motion Picture & Television Fund in Woodland Hills, CA, and he's held senior-level HR positions with Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures, and City of Hope. He has extensive experience in entertainment, healthcare/biotech, and financial services, including in international, nonprofit, and union environments.

Paul is the author of a number of bestselling HarperCollins, AMACOM, and SHRM Books, many of which have been ranked as bestsellers in the categories of human resources management, labor & employment law, business mentoring & coaching, communication in management, and business decision-making and problem-solving. His books have been translated into Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Turkish.

Paul is also a long-term contributor to HR Magazine, a top-rated conference presenter, and an adjunct faculty member in UCLA Extension's School of Business and Management.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction: For First-Time Managers
  • Chapter 1 - How to Become a Favorite Boss
  • Chapter 2 - Leading Through Coaching
  • Chapter 3 - Coaching and Mentoring Rests on the Questions You Ask
  • Chapter 4 - Inspiring Employee Engagement
  • Chapter 5 - The Coin of the Realm: Trust
  • Chapter 6 - The Big Benefits of Laughter in the Workplace
  • Chapter 7 - Master the Art of Engaged Listening
  • Chapter 8 - The Art of Successful Communication: Simple Guidelines to Help Your Messages Soar
  • Chapter 9 - Three Steps to Great Staff Meetings
  • Chapter 10 - Facilitating Information Sharing: Quarterly Achievement Calendars
  • Chapter 11 - Skip-Level Meetings Help Managers Communicate with Employees Who Aren't Direct Reports
  • Chapter 12 - Confrontation Is a Necessary Part of Communication
  • Chapter 13 - Tough Conversations: Your Moral Obligation to Confront Constructively
  • Chapter 14 - Encouraging Someone to Leave Your Company by Resigning: When It's Right for You and Right for Them
  • Chapter 15 - The Importance of Teamwork, Camaraderie, and Cooperation
  • Chapter 16 - Helping Your Team Learn, Grow, and Develop Professionally
  • Chapter 17 - Delegation as a Means of Team Development: Good for You, Good for Your Team
  • Chapter 18 - Remote Leadership: Managing the Unseen
  • Chapter 19 - Managing Multiple Generations of Employees: Raising Awareness of Others' Perspectives and Points of View
  • Chapter 20 - The Importance of Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce
  • Chapter 21 - Establishing Key Metrics to Drive Your Business
  • Chapter 22 - How HR and Frontline Managers Can Work Together to Reduce Employee Turnover
  • Chapter 23 - Dealing with Employees in Crisis: A Blueprint for Positive Management Intervention
  • Chapter 24 - What Got You Here Won't Get You There: Assess Yourself to Become a Better Manager
  • Chapter 25 - Inspirational Leadership: Some Final Thoughts