Speak on Your Feet

  • 1h 9m 15s
  • Brian Tracy
  • Made for Success
  • 2014

You want people to know what you're worth in your office or business, and to show them you must be able to communicate your agenda clearly and confidently.

In this Audiobook

  • Role of Thinking and Speaking in Your Career and Personal Life
  • Three Key Communication Tools for Success in Business
  • Logical Seven Step Process for Preparing Your Talk
  • Five Basic Reasons for Giving a Talk
  • Body of Your Talk
  • Close Strongly with a Punch
  • Preparation is the Key to Effective Speaking
  • Three Final Rules for an Effective Presentation
  • Delivery in the Presentation
  • Things to Learn
  • Ten Techniques Used by Very Best Speakers
  • Ten Things to Make Talks More Effective
  • A Multi Thousand Dollar Gift Designed for You by Brian Tracy


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