The High Roller Experience: How Caesar's and Other World-Class Companies are Using Data to Create an Unforgettable Customer Experience

  • 5h 19m 7s
  • David Norton
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2017

Walking through Caesars in Las Vegas may seem like a dream―the lights are not too bright, the temperature is perfect, and everything is within your reach. But behind this “magical” experience is a carefully choreographed performance based on deep understanding and rigorous analysis of extensive data to help ensure guests have an incredible and personalized experience. The Caesars marketing story is recognized as one of the best examples of using data to improve the customer experience and marketing effectiveness in all of business.

Marketing legend David Norton orchestrated the initiatives that made Harrah’s/Caesars Entertainment one of the greatest marketing companies in the world. His approach of using data to identify opportunities for the business, developing the narrative to sell throughout the organization and partnering with various constituents to drive successful implementation operationally is unparalleled. In The High Roller Experience, he shares his secrets to creating an unbeatable marketing strategy. In addition to discussing core items such as analytics, CRM and loyalty programs, he examines the leadership and organizational processes required to create a customer-centric and data informed business.

In this Audiobook

  • CHAPTER 1 Customer Centricity and All Its Components
  • CHAPTER 2 Loyalty Programs
  • CHAPTER 3 The Evolution of Total Rewards
  • CHAPTER 4 Innovative Loyalty Design in Other Industries
  • CHAPTER 5 Organizational Dynamics
  • CHAPTER 6 Hiring Practices
  • CHAPTER 7 Marketing Organizational Structure and Talent
  • CHAPTER 8 Using External Resources
  • CHAPTER 9 Sales and “VIP” Service Providers
  • CHAPTER 10 Customer Service and Contact Centers
  • CHAPTER 11 Measuring Service and Driving Customer Satisfaction
  • CHAPTER 12 The Role of Research
  • CHAPTER 13 Brand and Advertising Measurement and the Explosion of Digital Media
  • CHAPTER 14 Leadership
  • CHAPTER 15 Impact of Big Data
  • CHAPTER 16 Interactive CRM
  • CHAPTER 17 Putting It All Together
  • CHAPTER 18 Innovation