Change from the Inside Out: Making You, Your Team, and Your Organization Change-Capable

  • 4h 8m
  • Erika Andersen
  • Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • 2021

Change initiatives fail because humans are hardwired to return to what's worked for us in the past. This book offers a straightforward process for rewiring ourselves and those we lead to be more change-capable.

Erika Andersen says avoiding change has been a historical imperative. In this book, she shows how we can overcome that reluctance and get good at making necessary change. Using a fictional story about a jewelry business changing generational hands, Andersen lays out a five-step model for addressing both this human side of change and its practical aspects:

  • Step 1: Clarify the change and why it’s needed—Get clear on what the change is and the benefits it will bring.
  • Step 2: Envision the future state—Build a shared picture of the post-change future.
  • Step 3: Build the change—Bring together a change team, engage key stakeholders, and plan the change.
  • Step 4: Lead the transition—Build a transition plan that supports the human side of the change, then engage the whole organization in making the change.
  • Step 5: Keep the change going—Work to make your organization permanently more change-capable.

With opportunities to self-reflect and try out the ideas and approaches throughout, this book is a practical guide to thriving in this era of nonstop change.

In this Book

  • How Change has Changed
  • We Prefer Stability
  • Let the Rewiring Begin
  • Changing on Three Levels: Leaders, Individuals, and Organizations
  • The Five-Step Change Model
  • Start at the Beginning: Step 1. Clarify the Change and Why It's Needed
  • What Change will Bring: Step 2. Envision the Future State
  • The Heart of the Effort: Step 3. Build the Change
  • Engaging the Whole Organization: Step 4. Lead the Transition
  • To the Future: Step 5. Keep the Change Going
  • On Becoming Change-Capable