Disaster Recovery Testing: Exercising Your Contingency Plan, (2007 Edition)

  • 4h 43m
  • Philip Jan Rothstein (ed)
  • Rothstein Associates
  • 2007

Untested contingency/recovery plans are of little value. Testing is far more than finding holes in the plan: it confirms the underlying assumptions are workable; it can also be a valuable training tool.

The classic problem with recovery testing is that it always seems to come at the end of the recovery planning process. The intention of this book is to transform recovery testing from an afterthought to a powerful, disciplined and efficient development and implementation tool; from an art to a science.

Whether continuity of business operations, computer operation, voice or data communications, trading floors or local area networks is your concern, the contributions of thirty leading experts within this book will provide an in-depth understanding of recovery testing approaches, options, tradeoffs, resources and pitfalls.

In this Book

  • Justifying Recovery Testing
  • Managing the Testing Process
  • Budgeting for Recovery Testing
  • The First Test
  • The Test Plan
  • Hot Site Recovery Testing Checklist
  • Choosing and Developing the Test Scenario
  • The Politics of Recovery Testing
  • Closing The Loop
  • The Test Team
  • Management’s Role in Testing
  • Psychological Issues in a Crisis Simulation Exercise
  • The Consultant’s Role in Disaster Recovery Testing
  • The Recovery Vendor’s Perspective
  • Client Participation In Testing
  • Recovery Planning Software’s Role In Testing
  • The Recovery Plan Document In Testing
  • The Restoration Vendor’s Perspective
  • The Risk Management Perspective
  • Testing Methods
  • Testing Levels and Resources
  • The Test Report
  • Surprise and Unannounced Testing
  • Disaster Recovery Testing Cycles
  • Data Center Recovery Testing
  • Data Communications Recovery Testing
  • Voice Communications Recovery Testing
  • Local Area Network Recovery Testing
  • Trading Floor Recovery Testing
  • Testing Public and Internal Communication
  • The Emergency Management Exercise Process—A Step-By-Step Blueprint
  • Disaster Plan Simulates Plane Crash Into High-Rise Building
  • Rehearsing Your Crisis Management Plan
  • Testing Emergency Plans and Capabilities—Two Case Studies
  • Vital Records Testing
  • The Bottom Line