Keeping Score: Using the Right Metrics to Drive World-Class Performance

  • 3h 20m
  • Mark Graham Brown
  • CRC Press
  • 1996

All organizations spend thousands of hours collecting and reading data. However, many of these hours are nothing more than wasted time because organizations analyze the wrong metrics-- which leads to inaccurate decision-making.

Keeping Score ensures that you look at the right metrics. The author contends that metrics must focus on the past, present, and future and be based on the needs of the customers, shareholders, and employees. Measuring everything is more damaging than measuring nothing--pinpointing the vital measures is the key to success. Integrating the "balancing scorecard" concept with a Baldrige approach, Keeping Score will show you how to:

  • Evaluate your current approach to measurement.
  • Pinpoint incorrect performance measurements.
  • Select the right financial metrics.
  • Measure customer satisfaction and value.
  • Measure quality of products and services before they reach customers.
  • Perform process measurement.
  • Track supplier performance.
  • Measure employee satisfaction.
  • Redesign metrics and systems used to collect and report data.

About the Author

Mark Graham Brown has spent the past 18 years consulting with major corporations on improving their performance. His current clients include: Air Products & Chemicals, Appleton Papers, Cargill, IBM, and Pacific Bell. He served as a Baldrige Examiner for three years and as the overseer for the California Quality Awards during 1994 and 1995.

In this Book

  • Measurement: The Key to World-Class Performance
  • Problems with Most Measurement Systems
  • Evaluating Your Existing Measurement System
  • Keeping Score in World-Class Organizations
  • Measuring Financial Performance
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Value
  • Measuring Product/Service Quality
  • Measuring Processes and Operational Performance
  • Measuring Supplier Performance
  • Measuring Employee Satisfaction
  • How to Design Your Own Measurement System
  • Linking Measures to Strategy and Key Success Factors
  • Reporting and Analyzing Performance Data
  • Linking Measures, Goals, and Plans