Simply Brilliant: Powerful Techniques to Unlock Your Creativity and Spark New Ideas

  • 2h 59m
  • Bernhard Schroeder
  • 2017

What if you could brainstorm innovative solutions to your company’s challenges? What if you could dream up new businesses that capture markets? What if you could tap the creative genius driving Silicon Valley’s success stories?

The truth is you can! Analytical thinkers, numbers people, non-artists—everyone can generate imaginative ideas. All it takes is letting go of the “I’m not creative” mindset and employing a proven process.

Using his CreativityWorks framework, creativity and innovation expert Bernhard Schroeder explains how to break out of your mental box, reignite natural curiosity, and move step by step through a set of exercises that help individuals and teams:

  • Fuel creativity through tight deadlines
  • Create more ideas in brainstorming sessions
  • Radically improve products
  • Find inspired solutions using IdeaGen, SCAMPER, Observation Lab, Tempero, the Phoenix List, and other tools.

From surroundings that spur interaction to culture that promotes creativity, Simply Brilliant opens the door to imagination and limitless opportunity.

In this Book

  • Introduction—Why Creativity Matters in Your Career and Life
  • The Myths of Creativity and Innovation
  • The Creativityworks Framework
  • Mindset—Unleash Your Inner Creativity and Innovation
  • Environment Matters—Leadership and Culture
  • Habitat—Your Surroundings are Key
  • Teams are Critical—Aspiration and Mission
  • Brainstorming Rules and Practices
  • Iteration and Innovation are Personal
  • Phoenix List—CIA Tool for Everyone
  • Ideagen—Map Your Solution
  • SCAMPER Your Way to Innovation
  • Blue Oceans are the Destination
  • Tempero—The Parts are Greater than the Whole
  • Observation Lab—What Do You Really See?
  • Marketplaces, Trends, and Innovators
  • Free Sample From—Fail Fast or Win Big by Bernhard Schroeder


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