Software-defined Storage: What Can it Do for You?

  • 32m
  • Mikhail Gloukhovtsev
  • EMC
  • 2015

Authored by EMC Proven Professionals, Knowledge Sharing articles present ideas, expertise, unique deployments, and best practices. This article attempts to find answers to the questions of what software-defined storage (SDS) is and how we can separate marketing myths and reality.

In this Book

  • Software-Defined Storage—What Can It Do For You?
  • Introduction
  • Definition of Software-defined Storage
  • Why Has the SDS Concept Emerged?
  • The Main Capabilities of SDS and Value They Provide to Customers
  • Does Every Company Need SDS?
  • Co-existence of Traditional Storage Platforms and SDS
  • SDS Relies on Hardware Innovations
  • Hardware Support Is a Must-Have Even for SDS
  • SDS Vendors, Products, and Solutions
  • Conclusion
  • References