Technical Marketing Communication: A Guide to Writing, Design, and Delivery, Second Edition

  • 2h 4m
  • Emil B. Towner, Heidi L. Everett
  • Business Expert Press
  • 2023

This book is written to help professionals take action. Each chapter describes concepts and tips that apply to a variety of industries. This book is especially beneficial to the following readers:

  • Marketing professionals promoting technical features and benefits of products or services will gain insight into technical communication and how to integrate complex information into promotional efforts.
  • Managers working with writers and designers will learn terminology and principles that will help you evaluate marketing materials and provide detailed feedback.
  • Technical communicators working on marketing projects will gain an understanding of principles and best practices you can integrate with your previous training.
  • Entrepreneurs, non-profit employees, and freelancers who want to develop marketing and promotional materials will gain tips and best practices that you can immediately.

After reading this comprehensive, yet concise guide, you will be equipped to engage in every aspect of technical marketing and promotion – including planning, writing, designing, and delivery.

About the Author

Emil Towner is a Professor of Business Communication in the Herberger Business School at St. Cloud State University. Prior to his academic career, he spent 19 years in marketing and communications―including serving as Vice President of Content, overseeing social media, training materials, e-marketing, and web communication. In addition, he earned his PhD in Technical Communication from Texas Tech University and has written articles for numerous journals and books, including Business Communication Quarterly, Communication Yearbook, Rhetoric Review, and Technical Communication Quarterly.

Heidi L. Everett is an associate professor of strategic communications and journalism at St. Cloud State University. In addition to teaching, she has more than 20 years leading on-site and virtual teams in award-winning marketing and communications. Heidi is co-author of a Wall Street Journal bestseller on guiding principles for business as well as the author of several articles that have appeared in research and trade journals and business magazines. She has a PhD in technical communication from Texas Tech University.

In this Book

  • Description
  • Preface
  • Technical Marketing Communication
  • Marketing
  • Messaging
  • Concepting
  • Copywriting
  • Designing
  • Delivering
  • Bibliography