Unstructured Data: Growth and Challenge

  • 10m
  • Shankar Rathinasamy
  • EMC
  • 2015

Authored by EMC Proven Professionals, Knowledge Sharing articles present ideas, expertise, unique deployments, and best practices. This article discusses how data cannot be under-stated as it provides the basis for reporting the information required in business operations.

In this Book

  • Unstructured Data—Growth and Challenges
  • Infrastructure
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Data Growth
  • Structured and Unstructured Data
  • Social Media’s Contribution to Unstructured Data
  • Social Media’s Unstructured Data – A Challenge to Enterprise Storage
  • Spending on IT Infrastructure
  • Benefits of Virtualization
  • How Object Storage Manages “Unstructured Data” Growth
  • Unimaginable and Unavoidable
  • Software-defined Storage
  • Conclusion
  • Technical References