Writing for Business: Professionalism, Integrity & Power(Business Communication Pocket Guide)

  • 1h 22m
  • Ellen Jovin
  • Hodder & Stoughton Ltd
  • 2019

Build essential skills and write with confidence at work!

Immediately practical guide to better business writing designed to help you develop a clear, direct, natural communication style that supports rather than obscures what you want to say. It covers writing principles relevant for a wide range of business documents, including email, letters, memos, reports, proposals, and more, while also offering editing tips to ensure you come across as professional and polished. Packed with examples and tips straight from the workplace.

About the Author

Ellen Jovin is a co-founder and principal of Syntaxis, a communication skills training firm based in New York City. She has taught business writing, email etiquette, and grammar at companies throughout the U.S. in all major industries. Previously she worked as a professional writer, creating marketing and advertising materials for corporate clients, and before that as a freelance journalist specializing in business, finance, and technology. Ellen earned a B.A. in German studies from Harvard University and an M.A. in comparative literature from UCLA.

In this Book

  • Getting to the Point in Email
  • Email Salutations
  • Email Closings
  • Email Models and Makeovers
  • Mind Your Email Details
  • Special Topics in Email
  • The Creative Process: Idea Generation
  • The Structure of Longer Documents
  • Notes on Different Document Types
  • The Art of the Sentence
  • Word Choice and Writing Dynamism
  • Writing Myths
  • Editing Tips