CompTIA Project+: PK0-005: CompTIA Project+
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Prepare to become Project+ certified by acquiring knowledge to manage projects or business initiatives.


Project Selection & Initiation

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Project Selection & Initiation
A project will typically provide some benefit to the organization, either tangible or intangible. Develop a foundational knowledge base of project selection and initiation, including the project life cycle and process groups.
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Scope, Schedule, & Cost Planning
During project planning, baselines are established for scope, schedule, and cost. Develop a foundational knowledge base so you can effectively put principles to work in your own organization.
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Resource & Risk Planning
During resource planning, the project team is selected, assignments are given, and risks are identified and evaluated. Acquire a foundational knowledge base reflecting the best practices for resource and risk planning.
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Communication, Changes & Documentation
During the execution of project work, the project manager is responsible for communicating project performance. Develop a foundational knowledge base for communication, changes, and documentation in projects.
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Controlling Project Work & Closing
While controlling project work, the project manager must assess project performance and document lessons learned at closing. Explore Agile methodologies, traditional project management methodologies, and practices for closing projects.
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Planning & Controlling the Project Schedule
It's important to remain up-to-date with project management practices, so you can effectively put them to work. Examine the forward and backward pass, total float and free float, and schedule compression techniques.
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Project Management Practical Exercises
To be effective and successful, it's important to remain up-to-date with project management practices. Gain experience using practical exercises, including earned value management, communication channels, and make or buy analysis.
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Quality & Procurement Planning
During project planning, quality assurance processes are established to ensure that the deliverable meets requirements. Explore up-to-date project management practices for quality and procurement planning.
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Planning Documents
Documenting your project work provides useful assets for reference purposes for both the current project and future ones. Examine the importance and benefits of documenting a project, and how to work with common project documents.
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Documents & Terminology
Constant project monitoring against the plan helps identify and address variances to keep the project on track. Explore various project documents used, and common terminology and acronyms used to aid in communication.
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CompTIA Project+ Study Guide: Exam PK0-004, Second Edition
With 100% coverage of all exam objectives, bolstered by real-world scenarios, detailed explanations and superior study tools, this comprehensive resource for taking Exam PK0-004 gives you everything you need to approach the exam with confidence.
book Duration 6h 35m book Authors By Kim Heldman


CompTIA Project+ Practice Tests
Offering last minute review and identifying areas where further review may be needed, this study guide provides 1,000 unique questions which are organized into 4 practice tests that cover 100% of all exam objective domains.
book Duration 8h 8m book Authors By Brett Feddersen


Project Management with CompTIA Project+: On Track from Start to Finish, Fourth Edition
With complete explanations of every objective on the exam, along with end of chapter summaries, quizzes, and exercises, this self-study guide walks you through each step of the project management process, covering critical strategies for on-time and within-budget projects
book Duration 11h 1m book Authors By Joseph Phillips