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Every business decision has financial impact. Expand your financial acumen for improved decision making. 


Key Accounting Concepts and Principles

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    Key Accounting Concepts and Principles
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    Basic Accounting Practices
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Key Accounting Concepts and Principles
How do organizations communicate vital business and finance information? Achieving the utmost clarity in communication requires knowledge of financial management and a strong understanding of accounting basics. Accounting an internal function that involves identifying, recording, summarizing, and reporting business transactions and financial events in an organization. In this course, you’ll learn the core concepts and financial essentials of accounting, such as the accounting equation and its components, as well as the rule of debits and credits. You'll also develop your financial acumen by exploring the accounting cycle, and the effect of cash and accrual-based accounting systems.
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Preparing Financial Statements and Closing Accounts
Developing your financial acumen is a must in today's economy, and improving your knowledge of accounting basics and financial management is a good first step. In this course, you'll explore the financial essentials that will enable you to understand key steps in the management of finance within the accounting cycle. You'll learn how, once you’ve worked your way through recording transactions and posting to ledgers, you’re ready to start preparing financial statements. You'll learn about Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statements, and how they're interrelated. You'll also learn about the steps involved in closing accounts.
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Basic Accounting Concepts for Non-financial Professionals
Finance and accounting are at the heart of every business. Even if your role isn't directly related to finance, your activities may still have financial implications. This course explains the basics of finance for non-finance professionals, and covers key accounting and finance essentials and concepts: the basic accounting equation, accrual-based accounting, and basic accounting principles. It explores business finance, including how business transactions affect financial statements and the bottom line. You'll walk through the four-step accounting process, and you'll learn the fundamental principles of cash flow management and the four types of financial risk.
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Basic Budgeting for Non-financial Professionals
It's not only  the Finance department that needs to understand budgeting and finance essentials. Given the importance of finance for non-finance professionals, it's in everyone's best interest to have some basic knowledge of one of the most important aspects of business finance – budgeting. In this course, you'll learn to identify the characteristics of an effective budget, the stages in planning one, and how to distinguish between budgets types. You'll also explore budgeting concepts and techniques such as historical and zero-based budgeting, variance analysis, capital budgeting, and performing budgeting calculations.
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Comprehending Financials: A Guide to Financial Statements
To maintain your company's finances, you need a strong knowledge of business finance. And to improve the financial well-being of your company, it’s vital to understand key financial statements, such as the Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, and Balance Sheet, as these will hint at problems and possible solutions. This course will give you an overview of these three statements. You'll also explore typical examples of financial statements, learn how each financial statement relates to the other, and discover what each one indicates about your company's financial position.
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Financial Statement Analysis for Non-financial Professionals
Financial analysis helps you understand your organization's business finance, as well as its strengths and weaknesses. This course explains finance for non-finance professional in easy-to-understand language, with a specific focus on financial statements. You'll learn about methods for analyzing financial statements from the perspective of a non-financial professional. You'll explore the concept of the Time Value of Money. You'll also examine how to use common financial ratios for profitability, efficiency, liquidity, and solvency, and study percentage calculations. Finally, you’ll  be introduced to vertical and horizontal analysis.
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Focusing on the Bottom Line as an Employee
Workplace cost consciousness enables a company's financial success. Cost control is every team member’s responsibility and requires planning and effort. In this course, you’ll learn how employees can contribute to cost-control efforts by making cost changes, including to travel, supply, and facility costs.
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Managing with a Cost-control Mindset
Managing costs effectively is critical to the financial success of a business and can help you avoid painful cuts. Cost control is a team effort that requires careful cost management. In this course, you’ll learn how to identify cost management opportunities, get your team involved in cost-control efforts, and use tools like cost splitting and Lean.
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How to Understand Business Finance, Second Edition
Describing a business as it proceeds from initial set-up through its first year of trading, this informative book provides a quick course on business finance as it relates to business growth.
Book Duration 1h 59m Book Authors By Bob Cinnamon, Brian Helweg-Larsen


Executive Finance and Strategy: How to Understand and Use Financial Information to Set Strategic Goals
By using finance as a record keeper and predictor of success, this book works on the premise that financial models can clearly demonstrate where a particular strategy might lead, and helps quantify strategy to gain support from colleagues and take the right actions to ensure sustainable growth.
Book Duration 4h 48m Book Authors By Ralph Tiffin


The 30 Day MBA in Business Finance: Your Fast Track Guide to Business Success
Including studies of the Bulgarian government, Lloyd's, Northern Rock, and Lehman Brothers, this book shows readers how to become a financial strategist, how to move out of their disciplinary straightjacket, and how to become top managers.
Book Duration 4h 44m Book Authors By Colin Barrow


Finance Basics Secrets: The Experts Tell All!
Presenting the finance basics that experts and top professionals understand, this concise guide explains how to analyze a business from its financial reports; understand a Profit and Loss account; make sense of accounting jargon; build a financially sound business plan; deal with revenue, profit and cashflow; and more.
Book Duration 1h 8m Book Authors By Stuart Warner