Google AdWords: intermediate Google AdWords Web
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Explore Google AdWords and learn to create, run, and analyze ad campaigns.


Using Audiences, Placements & Keywords in Google AdWords Web

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Setting up Ad Campaigns in Google AdWords Web

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Using Audiences, Placements & Keywords in Google AdWords Web
Google AdWords helps your advertisements reach target audiences through strategic media placement and optimal search term keywords. During this course, you will learn how to use AdWords to reach your intended audiences. You'll discover why Topic targeting makes your ads eligible to appear on any pages on the Display Network, where content is related to your selected topics. You can also learn how to use your geographic performance data to confirm that your ads appear where you want. Next you can compare how your ads are perform in different locations. Conclude by letting AdWords analyze and refine your location targets.
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Analyzing Ads & Campaigns in Google AdWords Web
Google AdWords lets you analyze the huge amounts of data that your ads collect. Learn how to view and analyze trends and metrics in your data reports, to stay on top of campaign activities. See how to create, customize, share, and export your reports, as well as how to customize, share, and export your dashboard, to review consolidated performance statistics from across your account. Finally, learn how to send an email copy of your Dashboard as well as how to schedule and send emails on a weekly or monthly basis.
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Managing Accounts & Settings in Google AdWords Web
Customizing your AdWords account in a variety of ways couldn't be easier. During this course, you will learn how to add new users to your account, remove users, personalize notifications, and connect AdWords to your Google Analytics account. Learn to link Google Analytics properties to your account, to analyze customer activity on your site, after an ad click. Other topics include how to change your display language, number format, and auto-tagging; how to view your account's email address, time zone, and Google Advertising Program Terms; and finally, how to manage your account's email address and filter the types of notifications and alerts that you want it to receive.
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Setting up Ad Campaigns in Google AdWords Web
Google AdWords is Google's suite of online advertising tools that businesses use to prepare advertisement copy, run ad campaigns, and boost revenue. During this course, you will learn how to set up your AdWords account, activate it, and sign in. Familiarize yourself with the AdWords interface, and how to interpret analytics, keyword reports, search term data, and device usage from the Overview page. Learn how to set up a standard campaign that strategically places ads in Google searches, videos, and apps. Conclude by learning how to manage multiple campaigns.
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Creating Ads & Ad Groups in Google AdWords Web
Google Ads allows you to create online ads to reach audiences that are interested in the products and services you offer. During this course, you will learn how to set up an ad, develop it with extensions, experiment with variations to get the most out of your campaigns. Next you will explore how to create ad groups, edit ad details, and use extensions to guide visitors to specific pages on your site for store hours or products. Other topics are how to create, edit and manage AdWords ad extensions to target geographic regions; and how to schedule when your ads appear when targeting customers. Finally, you will observe how to adjust settings to match customers' devices.
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Introduction to Search Engine Marketing and AdWords: A Guide for Absolute Beginners
Discussing helpful resources and important issues to keep in mind, this plain-English guide is an easy-to-understand introduction to the most important tools and skills in search engine marketing.
book Duration 1h 12m book Authors By Todd Kelsey