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Innovation and creativity are critical to achieving growth. Foster these skills in your organization.


Building Innovation Cultures and Leaders

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    Building Innovation Cultures and Leaders
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    Business Innovation Culture
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Building Innovation Cultures and Leaders
Innovating is the only way to adapt and keep speed with the pace of change in today's business world. Building and supporting an innovative culture is the responsibility of leaders and employees across organizational hierarchies and is aided by an effective change management process. In this course, you'll learn about business innovation cultures and types of innovation leadership. You'll also learn about the importance of experimenting, managing change, and executing a project. Finally, you'll learn how to attract and nurture innovation in your organization.
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Developing a Team of Creative Gurus
In this course, you will learn techniques for developing a team of “creative gurus” – team members who excel at generating innovative ideas. You will learn ways to assemble your team, generate creative ideas, overcome barriers to team creativity, and foster a creative workplace.
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Unleashing Personal and Team Creativity
Believe it or not, everyone has the potential to be creative. If you're struggling to express your ideas, then something is getting in the way. But with the right approach and techniques, team leaders can provide a safe space that encourages brainstorming, innovating, and creative thinking. In this course, you'll learn about characteristics of creative people, how to overcome personal barriers, and how to foster team innovation in a work environment. It describes personal barriers to creativity and how to overcome them and provides strategies for enhancing creativity in the workplace. It also outlines key requirements for promoting creativity and explores techniques for fostering creativity in teams.
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Verifying and Building on Creative Ideas
You might not describe yourself as a creative person, but everyday activities – like problem solving or spotting opportunities – rely on your creative thinking and innovation. Originality is key, but your ideas also have to work within real-world constraints. In this course, you'll learn about the different stages of innovating and techniques for verifying the workability of your ideas. You'll also discover guidelines and techniques for building on and testing an idea, such as  brainstorming. The course outlines when to use research and simulations to check the workability of an idea, and it discusses ways to build on ideas effectively.
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Expert Insights on Innovation
Avoid disruption and take advantage of trends in innovation to stay one step ahead of the competition with these expert tips and tricks.
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Expert Insights on User Research
It has never been more important to engage and learn from your users and luckily, it has never been easier. Learn from Deb Mills-Scofield on collecting user research and designing user-interface experiments to solve their pain points.
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Expert Insights on Problem Solving
We face problems every day in work and in life.  What should we do when a problem arises?  First, we should understand the problem – and then we can find solutions.
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Smart Cities, Smart Future: Showcasing Tomorrow
In crisp language and sharp detail, this strong and compelling book explains why smart cities are powerful forces for positive change and describes the impact of smart city projects on people in towns, cities and nations around the world.
Book Duration 3h 33m Book Authors By Cornelia Lévy-Bencheton, Mike Barlow


Agile Innovation: The Revolutionary Approach to Accelerate Success, Inspire Engagement, and Ignite Creativity
Offering insights that are highlighted in 11 detailed case studies illustrating the world's best innovation practices at top companies, this authoritative guide combines the best of Agile with the world's leading methods of Innovation to present a crisp, articulate, and proven system for developing the breakthrough capabilities every organization must master to thrive today and tomorrow.
Book Duration 5h 35m Book Authors By Langdon Morris, Moses Ma, Po Chi Wu