Leader Transitions

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Leadership transitions are challenging for both new and experienced leaders. Master strategies to successfully transition into new leadership roles.


Welcome to the Leadership Development Program
Whether you’re new to a leadership role or a battle-tested veteran, there is always more to learn about leading people, leading teams, or leading your business. Learning is a life-long journey, and leadership development is an ongoing process. In this course, you'll be introduced to Skillsoft's Leadership Development Program. Comprised of thirty modern competency-based leadership channels, this program will help expand your knowledge about what it takes to be a leader and the necessary mindsets and behaviors that enable successful leaders to face and overcome the challenges they encounter every day.  This course provides an introductory overview to the program and the rich array of courses, resources, tools, and expert advice available to help you grow your leadership career."
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Leadership Transitions: Becoming a Frontline Manager
Making the transition from individual contributor to frontline leader can be a daunting adjustment. Moving into a leadership role involves more than just getting a new title. It means adopting a leadership mind-set, developing new skills and leadership competencies, and understanding your new relationships with those above and below you on the organizational chart.In this course, you’ll learn how to adjust your mindset, develop your delegation skills, and build relationships to succeed in your new leadership role.
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Leadership Transitions: Moving into Middle Management
The transition from frontline manager to middle manager can be difficult for many people. The added leadership responsibilities and new relationships, and their inherent challenges, can prove daunting. However, the necessary leadership skills for mastering them can be learned and developed. In this course, you’ll learn the role, duties, and responsibilities that come with a middle management position. You’ll also learn about the challenges of mid-level management and methods and leadership mindsets for mitigating and overcoming them.
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Leadership Transitions: Moving into Senior Leadership
Transitioning into senior leadership can be challenging. The approach, the attitudes, or the mindset that worked well in a mid-level management role might not be sufficient in a more senior role. A successful transition is often about discarding the old way of doing things and developing a new approach and mindset. It's about acquiring new skills, new perspectives, and leadership maturity. In this course, you’ll learn the necessary attributes of leadership maturity, the qualities needed for successful functional area management, and strategies and best practices for upper-level delegation and transition into the leadership of leaders.
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New Leadership Transitions
Employees enter leadership roles earlier and via different paths than in the past. In this course, you'll learn about common challenges that new leaders face, and some techniques for setting goals, building teams, and getting early wins.
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Leadership Insights on Leader Transitions
When taking on a new position, leaders face myriad challenges like building teams that deliver, developing networks to stay informed of key events, and inspiring others on an entirely new level. Get ready to make the most of your new role.
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Leadership Insights on Transitioning from Frontline Manager to Mid-Level Manager
Transitioning from a frontline manager to a mid-level manager requires strategies for settling into middle management. Learn what you can do to ease the transition all the while imparting change, accountability, and developing others along the way.
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Leadership Insights on Transitioning to Senior Leadership
Transitioning to senior leadership requires one to recognize the key competencies that reflect leadership maturity. Discover the tools, considerations, and challenges when moving into a senior leadership role.
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MIT Sloan Management Review on New Leader Transitions
In this collection of articles from MIT Sloan Management Review, you'll learn how to transition into an effective leader, and how to overcome the struggles that come with change.
Book Duration 40m Book Authors By MIT Sloan Management Review


Succession for Change: Strategic Transitions in Family and Founder-Led Businesses
Showing how competitive advantage has evolved over the last twenty-five years, this book examines the approaches being adopted by current business leaders, succession service providers and the next generation to address the change imperative in succession.
Book Duration 2h 39m Book Authors By Harry Korine


Becoming a Successful Manager: Powerful Tools for Making a Smooth Transition to Managing a Team, Second Edition
Presenting numerous exercises throughout, this book aims to help you, as a new manager, quickly assimilate some of the basic knowledge you must have and actions you must put into practice in order to succeed.
Book Duration 2h 45m Book Authors By Gary Grossman, J. Robert Parkinson


Transitions at the Top: What Organizations Must Do to Make Sure New Leaders Succeed
Providing the specific principles, guidelines, and actions that boards, C-suite executives, and HR leaders need to guarantee a successful CEO transition, this insightful, informative guide spans the steps and events that take place from when the candidate accepts the offer, all the way through the point where a critical mass of followers have accepted him or her as the established leader.
Book Duration 4h 32m Book Authors By Dan Ciampa, David L. Dotlich


From Techie to Boss: Transitioning to Leadership
Teaching you a whole new set of interpersonal, organizational, and metrical skills you never needed before, this easy-to-read guide shows you how to translate and adapt the analytic skills that made you an outstanding techie to your new responsibilities as a technical manager.