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Are you leading a team?  Explore the key concepts for building and managing high performing teams. 


Building the Foundation for an Effective Team

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    Building the Foundation for an Effective Team
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    Stages of Team Development
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Building the Foundation for an Effective Team
The way in which teams are built is an important factor in determining a project’s success. Effective team management requires strong team leadership that clearly outlines your goals and standards of behavior. In this course, you'll learn about the five stages of team development and strategies for selecting high-performing team members most suited for collaboration. You'll also learn some foundations for managing teams successfully, including how to set team goals, assign roles to individuals working on a team, and define specific guidelines for how team members should behave to minimize conflict and optimize teamwork.
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Developing a Successful Team
Anyone who is responsible for managing teams will tell you that team dynamics make a huge difference in the working environment. Developing effective project teams is one of the primary aspects of team leadership. In this course, you'll learn how to develop a team culture early on by establishing team member competencies and working to improve team dynamics. You'll also learn about methods used to encourage team participation and motivation and increase teamwork and commitment. Finally, you'll learn about the importance of assessing and improving team performance.
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Encouraging Team Communication and Collaboration
Managing teams successfully involves ensuring that team members can communicate with you and with one another and that they will collaborate effectively as a team. To achieve this, clear channels of communication are required for both on-site and virtual teams. In this course, you'll learn how to demonstrate team leadership by encouraging effective communication and overcoming communication problems. You'll explore strategies for encouraging team collaboration. Finally, you'll learn about tools and technologies that are commonly used for virtual teamwork and key considerations for establishing virtual communication guidelines.
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Handling Team Conflict
Successful teams are characterized by having a clear direction, trust among team members, effective communication, and a clear process for managing team conflict. The survival of a team depends on a leader who can quickly recognize team conflict, diagnose its cause, and implement conflict resolution strategies. In this course, you'll learn about what causes conflict on a team and the important role of healthy communication in handling conflict. You'll discover best practice approaches to dealing with conflict. You’ll also explore the tenets of principled negotiation in managing conflict. Finally, you'll learn guidelines for resolving conflict that address one specific type of conflict: lack of trust.
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Leading a Cross-functional Team
Many organizations have discovered the advantages of using cross-functional teams, such as diversity of skills, perspectives, and experience, to accomplish their goals. While the diversity inherent to these teams can present certain challenges, successfully managing teams is worth the reward. In this course, you'll learn about the benefits of cross-functional teams. You'll also learn about the various development stages of cross-functional teams and the risks at each stage. Finally, you'll learn about the team leadership skills and abilities a cross-functional team leader should have and best practices for the related teamwork.
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Strategies for Building a Cohesive Team
Team cohesion, or the strength of the links between team members, determines how effective teams will be, especially in responding to outside pressures. A team has to be cohesive if its members are to function as a unit, working closely and efficiently to achieve common goals. In this course, you'll learn methods for effectively building and managing teams that focus on improvements in three areas: communication, cooperation, and trust. You'll learn specific strategies for improving communication and promoting collaboration among staff members working on a team. You'll also learn what signs suggest a lack of trust on a team, and how you can show team leadership by using the right techniques to build trust and improve teamwork.
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Establishing Team Goals and Responsibilities, and Using Feedback Effectively
Everyone working on a team has particular strengths. To get teams to perform at their best, these strengths have to be recognized, reflected in the roles and responsibilities assigned to team members, and directed toward achieving suitable goals. In this course, you'll learn techniques for building and managing teams, including how to set effective team goals, identify roles, assess team members' competencies, and assign roles based on these competencies. You'll also learn how to give and receive feedback effectively to improve teamwork, so that it strengthens your team leadership and the collaboration between your team members.
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Strategies for Managing Technical Teams
Effective team leadership in the dynamic technology field is integral to business success, but managing technical teams has unique hurdles. In this course, you'll learn what the hurdles are when working on a team and managing teams in the technology field. You'll cover the qualities of a tech manager, and tips to manage tech teamwork to encourage effective collaboration.
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Facing the Management Challenges of Difficult Behavior and Diverse Teams
As a manager, it can be daunting to  find yourself in charge of a diverse group, comprised of different age ranges, backgrounds, and experiences. It's inevitable that you'll encounter difficulties. Effectively handling conflict, whether it's team conflict or difficult employee behavior, is essential to productivity and requires developing conflict management skills. This course covers useful techniques and processes for conflict resolution. You'll learn methods for resolving conflict when dealing with an employee's difficult behavior. You'll also learn ways of effectively managing team conflict and understanding and dealing with conflict in the workplace as a whole.
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Expert Insights on Leading Teams
Even the most independent person doesn’t work in a bubble. Teams are where the magic happens, when individuals come together as a high-performing group to accomplish shared goals. Get your team to the next level!
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Optimizing Productivity in a Time of Hybrid Work
Most of us are still experimenting with both time and place of work. We’re flexing around the 9-to-5 notion of work and synchronicity, and we’re flexing around the multiple locations we may find ourselves working in. How do we maintain productivity while adapting to this new flexibility?
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Leading Agile Teams
Presenting a practical and engaging guide to help your organization embrace a more agile mindset, this book will give you the knowledge and tools you need to create and sustain strong agile teams, and is written for the developers, project managers, product owners, and ScrumMasters, who do most of the legwork in getting agile up and running.
Book Duration 4h 16m Book Authors By Doug Rose


Leading Teams: Tools and Techniques for Successful Team Leadership from the Sports World
Drawing upon the authors' unique experiences working with top sports coaches, as well as some of the world's leading corporate executives, this book offers important insights into team leadership and motivation, as well as tools for optimizing teamwork and inspiring teams to reach new heights.
Book Duration 4h 59m Book Authors By Dino Ruta, Paolo Guenzi


Committed Teams: Three Steps to Inspiring Passion and Performance
A practical book for building great teams, this concise guide identifies the common challenges that arise when people work together as a group and provides key guidance on breaking through the barriers to peak performance.
Book Duration 3h 37m Book Authors By Derek Newberry, Madeline Boyer, Mario Moussa


Lead Inside the Box: How Smart Leaders Guide Their Teams to Exceptional Results
Through simple frameworks brought to life with stories from the trenches, this book gives leaders a way to get the best out of their teams by focusing their energy where it will make the biggest difference.
Book Duration 2h 51m Book Authors By Mike Figliuolo, Victor Prince


Managing Successful Teams
Offering valuable advice and practical strategies, this helpful book prepares managers to meet the challenges of building and leading teams, showing how to improve performance and achieve the best results.
Book Duration 2h 19m Book Authors By Pat Wellington


Primal Teams: Harnessing the Power of Emotions to Fuel Extraordinary Performance
Illustrated with compelling examples, this groundbreaking guide shows how anyone can control potentially damaging emotions, while triggering the kind of passion and energy that supercharge performance.
Book Duration 3h 42m Book Authors By Jackie Barretta


Optimization of Leadership Style: New Approaches to Effective Multicultural Leadership in International Teams
Explaining ten selected and powerful leadership enablers to motivate, develop, and manage international teams, this book focuses on managers and employees involved in multicultural teams of organizations.
Book Duration 2h 51m Book Authors By Reinhold Kohler


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