Oracle Database Administration: Beginner Oracle 12c
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Explore all aspects of managing Oracle database software.


Oracle Database Instance Overview
To work with Oracle database instances, you must understand the new multitenant architecture in Oracle Database 12c. Explore the memory, process, and storage architectures and how they work together.
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Managing a Database Instance
Discover how to get started with Oracle Database 12c, configure initialization parameters, start up a database instance, work with log files, and use the various database views.
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Connecting to & Configuring a Database Instance
One key aspect of administering Oracle Database 12c includes managing client connections to database servers. Discover how to manage Oracle Net Services and server configurations.
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Connectivity & Space Management
Optimizing how data is stored in Oracle Database 12c conserves space and improves system performance. Explore tablespaces and data files, and learn how to manage the space used by data blocks and segments.
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Undo Feature Overview
An Oracle Database 12c administrator will, at some point in time, need to roll back changes made to the database. Learn how this is done using the Undo feature in Oracle Database 12c.
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User Security Features & Configuration
Securing an Oracle Database 12c system involves controlling who can access the database and what they can do. Learn how to manage privileges, and use roles, profiles, quotas, and password security to make your databases secure.
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Auditing Features & Configuration
Monitoring database access is part of the process involved in securing an Oracle Database 12c system. Discover how to detect and resolve lock conflicts, and how to enable and manage auditing of database activity.
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