Virtual Reality (VR): Beginner

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Explore three-dimensional, computer generated environments, known as Virtual Reality. 


Exploring Virtual Reality: Introduction

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    Describing Virtual Reality
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    Defining the Types of Virtual Reality
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Exploring Virtual Reality: Introduction
Virtual reality is a fairly broad set of technologies ultimately designed to trick the senses. Explore the types of VR, the equipment used, and how that relates to the immersiveness of the VR environment.
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Manipulating the Environment
Virtual reality environments are designed to immerse the user; however, our senses can react negatively if the environment is not handled carefully. Discover how to handle and prevent VR sickness and motion issues.
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Creating a VR App with Unity
Unity provides an IDE for creating virtual reality apps. Discover how to set up the environment and view the key scripts and components necessary for building a VR app.
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User Interfaces
Virtual reality focuses mostly on the environment; however, the user usually needs to see status or localized information within an app. Explore the different ways this information can be presented to a user.
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Optimizing for Unity VR
Virtual Reality has to balance the visual quality against performance since there are usually physical performance limitations in any VR gear. Explore methods to improve performance and optimize a VR app.
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Android Cardboard & Unity VR
Virtual reality has been known to be fairly expensive; however, Google has created Cardboard. It is a VR headgear device made from cardboard and uses an Android phone. Discover how to create VR apps for this platform.
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Using GoogleVR and Unreal
There are many environments available to create Virtual Reality apps. Explore the GoogleVR platform and the Unreal Engine and how they can be used to create virtual reality apps.
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Virtual Reality
Offering an accessible overview of developments in extended reality, this book explains the technology, considering the social and psychological ramifications, and discussing possible future directions.
Book Duration 2h 53m Book Authors By Samuel Greengard


Understanding Virtual Reality: Interface, Application, and Design, Second Edition
Providing a comprehensive volume on the medium of virtual reality (VR), how it can be used, and how to create compelling virtual reality applications, this book helps users take advantage of the ways they can identify and prepare for the applications of VR in their field.
Book Duration 17h 46m Book Authors By Alan B. Craig, William R. Sherman


Learning Web-based Virtual Reality: Build and Deploy Web-based Virtual Reality Technology
Crammed with hands-on examples, this short, practical tutorial will provide you a complete understanding of what WebVR is, knowledge of what VR devices are available, and the requirements to start working on WebVR.