Compliance Training

Skillsoft compliance training addresses more than 500 risk topics across 32 languages—providing one of the largest global libraries of legal coverage, ethics training, and workplace safety training available.

Companies that do not have a compliance mindset put themselves at great risk.

The risks are costly to the bottom line—potential fines, penalties, and legal fees in the hundreds of millions or more. Employee turnover, customer dissatisfaction, and damage to brand and reputation can seriously impact your ability to recruit and retain the best talent.

Misconduct is four times more likely to be observed in weak ethics cultures when compared to strong cultures. Is your organization still just checking the box?

Change Mindset and Behavior

The right mindset and resulting behavior change—which is safe, ethical, and respectful—are necessary to not only decrease risk of penalties, but to transition to an environment where individuals and the business thrive.

Companies that have fully integrated compliance management into their values and business systems perform better.

  • Reputation and brand perception is better which results in better hiring, retention, and performance.
  • Leadership models extraordinary behavior.
  • Employees feel respected and safe and have a higher level of satisfaction.

Training is at the heart of changing behaviors and creating safe and ethical workplaces.

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