Legal and Ethics Compliance Training

Communicate your legal and ethical standards to employees

Address short- and long-term business goals while cultivating extraordinary business behavior with real-world simulations and up-to-date training materials—all developed and maintained by practicing legal experts.

Legal Compliance Library

In order to develop and maintain our compliance content, Skillsoft partners with experienced, practicing lawyers who specialize in confronting the most challenging compliance issues every day. We believe this is the most effective way to keep current with changes in the law and developments in compliance strategies, all while bringing a real-world, practical approach to promoting a lawful and ethical culture.

Together we can

  • Increase efficiency across your HR and Learning and Development departments
  • Align training programs to core business objectives
  • Provide up-to-date compliance content aligned to current federal and state regulations
  • Reduce operational costs and inefficiencies associated with training
  • Benchmark program annually to maintain strong program success

Compliance Training Highlights

  • Flexible turnkey and custom solutions
  • Modern, dynamic design based on brain science and retention principles
  • Short, impactful content developed in partnership with practicing attorneys
  • Extended language coverage for translation and localization support
  • Content developed to meet the needs for global organizations
  • Realistic scenarios simplify complex legal concepts and demonstrate relatable strategies for addressing compliance challenges
  • Scalable solutions that will grow with your business
  • Complementary tools drive policy management, attestation, and disclosure
“Skillsoft’s team was responsive and worked diligently around our needs. We found many other LMS providers were not able to provide the level of customization and flexibility we needed. They took what we wanted and made it work for us. They focused on our business goals and what we needed.”

– Skillsoft Compliance Solutions Customer

Code of Conduct Training with Skillsoft

Instead of developing content internally, Unisys turned to Skillsoft for Code of Conduct training.

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