Workplace Safety and Environmental Health Compliance Training

Create healthy and safe work environments that protect your people and your business

Ensure that your employees know how to keep themselves and coworkers safe with courses that are comprehensive, customizable, and expert-approved.

Together We Can

  • Build a safe and healthy work environment for all employees
  • Improve employee morale, reduce incidents related to injury and illness, and mitigate regulatory risk
  • Deliver training that addresses workplace hazards employees may encounter in their day-to- day activities
  • Offer a comprehensive and ever-expanding content library with culturally adapted eLearning content

Compliance Workplace Safety Training Highlights

  • Modern, dynamic presentation connects designed based on brain science and retention principles.
  • Short, impactful content developed in partnership with practicing attorneys
  • Extended language coverage for translation and localization support
  • Realistic scenarios simplify complex legal concepts and demonstrate relatable strategies for addressing compliance challenges
  • Assure that the safety library is current and updated as laws and regulations change
  • Safeguard program success with Skillsoft’s superior program and customer support services

Keeping employees and the planet safe

Protect the environment, and your employees, with training designed to address environmental regulations.

Together We Can

  • Ensure employees aren’t inadvertently violating environmental rules and regulations
  • Develop strategies to address incidents such as spills and storm water pollution
  • Provide relevant training for the challenges employees face every day
  • Utilize Skillsoft’s proven adult learning strategies to ensure retention and application

Environmental Health and Safety Training Highlights

  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
  • Hazardous Waste Generator (RCRA)
  • Spill Prevention and Control
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention
  • Universal Waste Rule Training
  • Used Oil Management

Check out a sample video from our Machine Guarding course.

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