Federal Motor Carrier and Transportation Safety Training

Skillsoft can help you address the Department of Transportation’s regulations and keep employees safe

Skillsoft Compliance Solutions help educate employees about Department of Transportation (DOT) standards so they understand their responsibility in mitigating risks that could lead to hefty fines from an accident or violation.

Federal Motor Carrier and Transportation Safety Compliance Library

We help employees who spend hours on the road remain safe and prepared in case of emergencies.

Our courses are developed to help you:

  • Prepare employees on key facets of requirements DOT has established for commercial drivers
  • Ensure drivers understand the rules and regulations applicable to them
  • Develop employee awareness around the most pressing topics, including drug and alcohol use, and inspections
  • Teach employees about the different safety systems in their vehicles and ensure they are maintained and in service
  • Teach the basics of defensive driving
  • Provide information about the challenges your drivers face on a daily basis
  • Address the dangers of loading and unloading, as well as urban driving
  • Establish better ergonomics and health to reduce injuries and promote wellness

Course Library Includes:

    • Air Brakes 
    • CSA Fundamentals 
    • Drug and Alcohol Awareness 
    • Hours of Service 
    • Inspections
    • Accident procedures involving large vehicles
    • Collision Avoidance 
    • Defensive Driving
      • Distracted Driving 
      • Emergency Situations While Driving
      • Ergonomics and Injury Prevention
      • Flagging Safety
      • Hazardous Weather Conditions 
      • And more

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