Final Exam: Building Web Applications with Angular 11

Angular 11    |    Intermediate
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Final Exam: Building Web Applications with Angular 11 will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Building Web Applications with Angular 11 track of the Skillsoft Aspire Enriched Web Development with Angular 11 Journey.


  • Describe the characteristics of package.json files
    relate dependency injection to angular components
    list the different building blocks of angular, namely angular components, services, modules, and routing
    define object-oriented programming concepts and outline how to create classes in typescript and convert typescript classes to functions
    outline the basic characteristics of typescript
    recognize the various parts of an angular application and how they relate to one other
    demonstrate the installation of the angular cli
    define the single page architecture, recognize the justification for building a single-page application (spa), and describe the overall benefits of an spa
    pass data to routes and use the data extracted in a component
    demonstrate security implementation using guards
    describe how to add private and public properties to a typescript class and explain the use of public properties outside the class
    describe how to add functions to a typescript class and explain how to access public property in a class function
    create a component using the angular cli, add the component to a module, and add inline html to the component
    add inline styles to an angular component template and use style tags to add inline styles
    bootstrap components with the desired component by making it the main component for bootstrapping the application
    describe different elements of angular module and the decorators associated with it
    create a feature module, add components to it, and use it in the main module
    outline the inclusion and use of third party modules like browsermodule and explain its functionalities
    export and import different functionalities and components from other javascript files
    use conditional operators in components and render html content
  • iterate a list of arrays and display array items in the user interface (ui)
    perform iteration on complex objects and render employee details from an employee array
    create and implement custom pipes in angular
    explain the concept of pipes in angular and the use of built-in pipes
    list the use of the @input keyword and pass data to the child component
    list the use of @output keyword, pass events from child component to parent component, and update properties of parent component using child component
    examine the characteristics of observables in angular and differentiate between promises and observables
    create a http get request, handle http response, and create and handle httpclient observables
    explain the form validation mechanism and disable the submit button until the form is validated
    define and send data to post calls, make asynchronous calls to post api, and extract a response from post apis
    identify the need for caching and how sharereplay can be used to perform caching
    demonstrate how to implement a local cache with sharereplay
    implement two-way binding, outline its benefits, and describe banana in a box notation
    register a service to angular module
    inject a service inside an angular component
    create, activate, and, deactivate guards for authentication and authorization in angular routing.
    discuss the requirement of optimization
    implement lazy loading
    discuss the features that are new in angular 11 version and compare those features with older version, if present
    discuss the steps in migration to angular 11


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