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Professional or personal, it's important to keep your Gmail inbox organized. Learn how to manage your emails by creating labels and filtering out unwanted emails and spam. You'll also discover the new Snooze tool, which allows you to temporarily remove an email you have received, in order to deal with it at a later time.


  • select emails in Gmail
    delete an email in Gmail
    organize your emails in Gmail
    snooze emails in Gmail
    create labels in Gmail
    automatically organize your emails in Gmail
    manage spam in Gmail
  • mark unwanted email in Gmail
    archive emails in Gmail
    mark an email in Gmail
    customize stars in Gmail
    find an item in Gmail
    label emails in Gmail


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    1.  Selecting emails in Gmail Web
    3m 29s
    To quickly perform an action on one or multiple emails, you can use the selection function in Gmail. See how to select your emails as well as become familiar with the tools available after you've selected your… FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Deleting an email in Gmail Web
    4m 9s
    If you'd like to clean up your inbox you can delete emails you no longer need. See how to quickly remove, delete and restore deleted emails in Gmail. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Organizing your emails in Gmail Web
    4m 28s
    If you get a lot of emails every day, you may soon find your inbox slow and unmanageable. You may even have problems locating the email you need. With Gmail, you can move you emails into folders or add labels to make… FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Snoozing emails in Gmail Web
    4m 52s
    If you receive an email that you want to come back to later (for example, if it's not a priority) you can snooze it. Snoozing your emails means they are temporarily removed from your inbox; you can then choose when… FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Creating labels in Gmail Web
    5m 12s
    Labels can help you better organize your emails into specific categories. See how to create, edit and use labels to better organize your inbox in Gmail. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Automatically organizing your emails in Gmail Web
    4m 31s
    Using filters to file your emails enables you to organize your existing inbox as well as future emails. See how to create, modify and remove filters in Gmail. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Managing spam in Gmail Web
    4m 49s
    Spam is controlled automatically by Gmail but sometimes emails that are not considered spam end up there by accident. See how to retrieve accidentally spammed email, report spam emails and report phishing. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Marking unwanted email in Gmail Web
    5m 19s
    With Gmail, you can create filters to automatically identify unwanted emails and remove them from your inbox. This can be very useful if you receive easily identified junk emails or if you simply do not have the time to… FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Archiving emails in Gmail Web
    3m 24s
    Some emails may be too old to keep in your inbox but deleting them is not an option. You can archive older messages so that you can have them on hand if they are needed in the future. See how to archive and recover… FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Marking an email in Gmail Web
    5m 48s
    To quickly find your most needed emails, you can mark your emails as important. See how to mark your emails so that they are easier to visualize in the inbox with Gmail. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Customizing stars in Gmail Web
    5m 13s
    You can use stars to mark your emails and distinguish their importance. You can modify the color, icon and number of stars from your Gmail settings. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Finding an item in Gmail Web
    3m 48s
    Gmail's search function can help you quickly locate an email, contact entry or event that you are looking for. You can even search within an email to find the name of an attachment or an event that is mentioned. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Labelling emails in Gmail Web
    4m 11s
    To find or categorize your emails, Gmail allows you to add labels. See how to add multiple labels, search for emails with labels as well as remove labels from your emails. FREE ACCESS


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