Promoting a Business & Engaging with Users in Twitter for Professionals

Twitter for Professionals    |    Intermediate
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Connect with users and promote your business on Twitter. Learn to identify trends, use hashtags effectively, deploy business-specific features and call-to-action buttons, and interact with Twitter users in meaningful and engaging ways.


  • Identify trends on twitter
    Optimize your use of hashtags on twitter
    Interact with users on twitter
    Create and use polls on twitter
    Create a twitter chat
  • Receive and reply to direct messages on twitter
    Add and remove business features on twitter
    Add a call-to-action link on twitter
    Set up an ad campaign on twitter
    Use the create campaign form on twitter


  • 6m 41s
    Twitter is a social network that is centered around trends and popular keywords. Using trends to promote your business can improve your reach, popularity and help spread the word about your brand, company or services. In order to start using trends, it is very important to know how to find and interpret these trends and use them to your advantage. FREE ACCESS
  • 6m 35s
    When promoting your business or brand on Twitter, using the correct hashtags to gain more exposure is crucial. It is important to know how to create a hashtag, use a hashtag and be aware of the Twitter best practices for hashtags. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Interacting with users in Twitter for Professionals
    6m 43s
    It is very important to stay reactive on Twitter, which means engaging with your followers as soon as possible to answer their questions and requests. You can also interact with your followers and keep them interested by sharing their tweets, asking questions or even creating games or contests. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Creating & using polls in Twitter for Professionals
    6m 31s
    Creating polls on Twitter is a good way to both engage with your followers and get feedback about your company, product or brand. You will see how to create, view and respond to a poll on Twitter. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Creating a Twitter chat in Twitter for Professionals
    6m 40s
    A Twitter chat is a public discussion on Twitter that centers around a specific hashtag. A designated moderator leads the chats by asking questions and starting and ending the discussion at a predetermined time. Twitter chats are similar to Q&As or Ask Me Anything sessions on Reddit.As the host of a Twitter chat, you need to pick a certain topic or theme to discuss and set the date and time the chat will be held. You then need to promote it on social media to your target audience. Once the Twitter chat starts, it is public and anyone can contribute to it. It is your job as moderator to make sure everything goes smoothly and to guide and focus the discussion if it gets off topic. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Receiving & replying to Direct Messages in Twitter for Professionals
    6m 28s
    On Twitter, you can send and receive direct messages, which are private messages between you and another Twitter user or follower. When managing a professional account, your customers may send you a message regarding your service or product if they have a question or have run into a problem. You can also benefit from direct messages by sending messages to your followers to promote a product, campaign or service. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Adding & removing business features in Twitter for Professionals
    6m 14s
    Twitter offers different business features that you can use for your professional Twitter account. These features, when added to your profile page, show your followers that your business offers support and help to its customers. You will see how to access these options and configure them to suit your needs. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Adding a call-to-action link in Twitter for Professionals
    6m 20s
    When using Twitter for your business, you can add a call-to-action button in any Tweet that you compose. When customers click on the specially formatted link, they will be redirected to a new Direct Message, with their username already selected and the public tweet visible to provide context. This allows users that may not necessarily follow you to contact you via a Direct Message if they have problems or questions about your product or service. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Setting up an ad campaign in Twitter for Professionals
    6m 57s
    Twitter Ads offers a streamlined ad campaign creation tool that helps you focus on your goals and objectives. If you want to improve your reach and visibility, you can create an Awareness campaign, or you can choose campaigns that focus on increasing your followers or engagement and interaction with your Tweets. You will see how to set up an ad campaign via Twitter Ads and how to respond to each section according to your preferences. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Using the Create Campaign form in Twitter for Professionals
    6m 32s
    With Twitter Ads, you can create ads based on your goals and objectives and control every aspect of your campaign. Find out how to design and create a campaign that will help you meet your objectives, whatever they are. FREE ACCESS


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