Saving & Printing Presentations in PowerPoint for the Web

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Once your presentation is done, you can save and print it. You can also save your presentation as a PDF which makes it easy to share and print. Another useful way to share your presentation is to share it by email or hyperlink. When editing your presentation it's important to know how to undo unwanted changes and redo changes. Discover how to save, print and share your presentation with PowerPoint for the Web.


  • save a presentation
    undo and redo actions
    save a presentation as a PDF
  • print a presentation
    send a presentation by email
    share a link to a presentation


  • 3m 21s
    In PowerPoint for the Web, the save function is automatic. This means that any change you make to your presentation will be automatically and instantly saved online, ensuring that you're always working on the most up to date version of your presentation. You can also download a copy of your presentation to save as a backup or share with users offline. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 39s
    If you make a change to your presentation that you don't want to keep, you'll find the undo function to be particularly useful. PowerPoint for the Web stores a record of your recent actions--meaning that you can cancel and redo anything that you've done since you created, opened or last saved your document. If you react quickly, you can even undo actions after your presentation has been saved and closed. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Saving your presentation in a different format in PowerPoint for the Web
    4m 7s
    If you'd like to share your presentation with another user but that individual doesn't have access to PowerPoint for the Web, you can export your document as a PDF or individual images. PDF is a popular file format because it can be used across multiple platforms and operating systems. It's also difficult to modify a PDF which makes it useful for protecting your presentation content. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Printing your presentation in PowerPoint for the Web
    5m 29s
    While it's not possible to print directly from PowerPoint on the Web, there are a number of different ways of printing out a hard copy of your presentation. You can use your browser's integrated print function, download your presentation as a PDF and print it from your PDF viewer, or save a copy of your presentation and print it from your desktop version of PowerPoint. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Sending a presentation by email in PowerPoint for the Web
    3m 45s
    If you want to share your presentation with other users, you can send it via email. PowerPoint on the Web features an integrated email function which can be used to create a new email message with the presentation file automatically attached. Your email is sent using your default email client, and you can even choose the format that your presentation is sent in. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Sharing a link to a presentation in PowerPoint for the Web
    5m 48s
    When you save your documents on OneDrive or SharePoint, you can share them quickly from PowerPoint. See how to share a document link via SharePoint, OneDrive and how to create a shareable link that can be sent via email with PowerPoint on the Web. FREE ACCESS


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