Senior Professional in Human Resources: Employee Engagement

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An employee's level of commitment and connection to the organization benefits both parties. In this course, you'll learn the strategies for recognizing and building engagement. This course can be used in preparation for the HR Certification Institute(r) (HRCI(r)) SPHR(r) certification exam.


  • Discover the key concepts covered in this course
    Define employee engagement and its impact on the workplace
    Identify strategies for employee engagement
    Identify the methods to increase employee participation
    Identify techniques to encourage participative decision-making
  • List methods for effective employee communications
    Describe the value of employee feeback
    Identify the tools used for employee surveys
    Summarize the key concepts covered in this course


  • 1m 26s
    Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs are committed to the organization. You will learn how to foster employee relationships, methods and techniques to keep employment relationships healthy and productive, and the value of employee communications and feedback in this course. FREE ACCESS
  • 7m 15s
    Employee experience consists of interactions with other employees, technologies and the work itself. In this video, you’ll learn how employee engagement is a crucial part of employee experience, which has professional and personal aspects. You’ll also learn the 4 fundamental principles and 7 key dimensions of a positive employee experience. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Engagement Management
    7m 56s
    Employee engagement refers to the degree to which employees are committed to their jobs and the business. In this video, you'll learn about three dimensions and levels of employee engagement. You’ll also learn about employee engagement equation, three job attitudes, and job characteristic model. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Engagement Strategies
    6m 25s
    Employee engagement is a team effort with many accountable parties, but with one responsible person. In this video, you'll explore the methods to increase employee engagement. You’ll learn about ownership, drivers, strategies, and challenges of employee engagement, and seven strategies to workplace excellence. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Employee Involvement
    5m 42s
    Employee involvement is creating an environment in which people have an impact on the decisions and actions that affect their jobs. In this video, you learn about the strategies and common goals of employee involvement programs. You’ll also learn the guidelines for employee management committees and the benefits of participative decision making. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Employee Communications
    6m 9s
    Employee communications is the exchange of information, ideas, opinions, and feedback. In this video, you'll explore skills, strategies, values and expectations of employee communications. You’ll also learn about preparing employees for change, communication methods and channels, and the keys to healthy organizational communication. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Employee Feedback
    4m 55s
    Feedback is a powerful tool to influence employees and make sure everyone is doing what is expected of them. In this video, you'll learn how to give productive feedback to employees to reinforce their positive behavior. You’ll also learn the key elements of survey feedback interventions, and the importance of responding to employee feedback. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Employee Feedback Tools
    7m 5s
    Surveys are used as tools to regularly measure and quantify employee opinions and attitudes. In this video, you'll explore employee feedback tools like attitude surveys, engagement surveys, opinion surveys, individual sessions, and group sessions. You’ll also learn about the common errors in interpreting survey data. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Course Summary
    1m 19s
    This video summarizes the key concepts covered in this course, such as to understand employee experiences and its impact, differentiate between experience and engagement, cultivate employee engagement at all levels, review effective employee engagement strategies, and plan employee communication and feedback. FREE ACCESS


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