Workplace Compliance Essentials

What you will learn

Organizations and their employees are faced today with an unprecedented amount of legal mandates, government requirements, and regulatory standards. In order to keep pace with the rapidly changing enforcement environment, companies must ensure their managers and employees are aware of the compliance obligations imposed on them in their day-to-day work. To achieve this, Skillsoft offers efficient and compelling training content to help managers and employee seamlessly integrate compliance training into their workflows.

Through dramatic narratives and engaging story-telling, our courses utilize real-world scenarios to help generate emotional engagement. This emotional engagement enhances learning in the moment and promotes retention. The design helps strengthen the effectiveness of the learning by encouraging the long-term behavioral changes needed to support a legal and ethical work environment.

Skillsoft brings this learning design to a broad range of essential compliance topics, such as business ethics, anti-bribery, antitrust, EEO, FMLA, and wage & hour, to name just a few. These topics are presented in a variety of formats of varying duration such as Courses, Compliance Shorts, and Compliance Impacts. And, to support training on a worldwide basis, select Global content is supported in over two dozen translations for ease of deployment.


Understanding Unconscious Bias

Course | 24m

No matter who you are, you are prey to unconscious biases. To be part of a complex, diverse team you must take steps to overcome implicit and explicit biases and reject social stereotypes. Understanding you own bias, whether conscious or unconscious, is the key. In this course you'll learn about the characteristics of unconscious bias and the nature of buried prejudice. You'll discover how they can inadvertently affect your thinking and decision-making. And you'll learn about the positive things that can happen when you take an anti-biased approach to people and situations in the workplace.


Preventing Bullying and Violence

Course | 18m

This course seeks to help employees understand the circumstances that can trigger violence in the workplace and to offer strategies for preventing the escalation of conflict. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the US, fatal injuries involving violence increased by 163 cases to 866 in 2016. Workplace homicides increased by 83 cases to 500 in 2016, and workplace suicides increased by 62 to 291. This is the highest homicide figure since 2010 and the most suicides since the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries began reporting data in 1992. Workplace violence can include a range of acts, both physical and non-physical, such as assault, stalking, bullying, robbery, and harassment. This course will help employees to recognize early warning signs of potential workplace conflict, the actions they can take to prevent situations that may lead to workplace violence, and how to respond to an aggressor.


HIPAA Privacy Essentials

Course | 1h 16m

This course presents an overview of HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), outlining the main components and identifying who is covered by the Act. It examines the privacy provisions under HIPAA as they relate to protected health information (PHI). This course helps employees and business associates of covered entities recognize the key provisions of HIPAA, how their organizations are affected by HIPAA, and how the privacy rules impact them.

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