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Delighting Customers with Design Thinking

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Design thinking is a customer-centric approach to determining how best to meet customer needs, and advocates early stakeholder engagement in the co-creation and development of solutions.  Design thinking enables organizations to create value by more effectively ideating to uncover a broader set of possible products and services to better meet customer needs, deepen customer and supplier relationships, and improve the design of digital experiences.

Design Thinking and Agile Methodologies

You can use design thinking and agile methodologies to determine how best to meet customer needs.  Learn strategies to encourage design thinking and agile methodologies in your organization.

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Stakeholder Engagement and Customer Service

Since design thinking and agile methodologies can help you determine how to best meet your customer needs, it's important to include stakeholders in this process as early as possible.  Learn more about stakeholder engagement and customer service.

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Opportunities and Planning

Design thinking may take work and planning to implement.  Learn how to discover opportunities and plan for Design thinking within your organization.

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Creativity and Innovation

Design thinking can take some outside of the box thinking to discover the best solutions.  Improve your creativity and innovation to enhance your Design Thinking.

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Prototyping and Testing

Prototyping and testing are invaluable to Design thinking, and can aid with early stakeholder engagement.  Learn more about prototyping and testing to help develop solutions more efficiently with stakeholders.

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Building a Culture of Design Thinking
The main aim of your organization’s product or service is to help your customers achieve a specific goal or overcome a problem. This is where the concept of design thinking comes in. Design thinking is a customer-centric approach to determining how best to meet customer needs. In this course, you'll explore ways to develop customer focus to help you define problems. You’ll explore design thinking strategies, including how to reframe problems, how to brainstorm solutions, and when to use prototypes. You’ll also identify best practices for user testing, as well as for and gathering and reviewing feedback for effective problem solving.
7 videos | 31m has Assessment available Badge Certification PMI PDU
Developing and Supporting an Agile Mindset
Rapid advances in digital technology are compelling businesses to change and adapt the ways they operate. Developing agile thinking will help ensure your organization doesn't get left behind, unable to compete in a market that is constantly changing. In this course, you'll learn why it's important for organizations to cultivate a culture of agility and the characteristics that distinguish an agile mindset from a fixed mindset. You'll also learn how to encourage and build an agile enterprise, and how doing so will help your business flourish. This course also covers how developing and supporting an agile mindset can benefit both your corporate culture and your business success.
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The Essential Role of the Agile Product Owner
In changing markets, leadership matters. And for businesses adopting agile thinking, appointing a strong product owner maximizes the value of a business's products is essential. Employing a product owner can help businesses increase their agility, allowing them to adapt to change and enhance the value of their products. In this course, you'll learn about the role and responsibilities of a product owner in an agile enterprise, and the qualities necessary for effective product ownership. You'll also learn the best strategies for empowering product owners and removing obstacles that impede their success.
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Embracing an Agile Culture for Business Growth
Agility in today's business environment is essential, and changing to an Agile enterprise can propel your business forward. With Agile thinking, you can adapt to each change as it occurs. In this course, you'll learn about the benefits of adopting an Agile mindset, as well as the best practices and the right conditions for doing so. You'll also learn about the leadership styles necessary for agile success. Finally, you'll explore how to measure the success of and overcome challenges to your organization's Agile transformation.
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Design Thinking for Innovation: Stakeholder Engagement
Engaging directly with stakeholders increases empathy and helps identify motivations and unmet needs, enabling the creation of successful solutions. In this course, you'll learn how to identify and interact with key stakeholders and communicate their point of view through effective design thinking methods. This course was developed with subject matter provided by PDD. (
7 videos | 31m has Assessment available Badge Certification PMI PDU