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Developing the individuals on your team helps them become more skilled, confident, and independent. When you invest time and resources into their development, not only does it boost their performance and productivity, but it also shows them that you're invested in their future. Plus, it's a great way to build a stronger, more capable team and a positive work culture, which is good for everyone.

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Unleashing Potential through People Development
Have you ever considered the potential of a workforce that's not just proficient, but truly empowered? Imagine harnessing that potential to drive team success and shape the very trajectory of your organization. The key to achieving this lies in effective people development, which begins with self-development. In this course, we'll explore the tangible benefits of leading from the inside out. You'll uncover effective methods to enhance your team members' capabilities, fostering an environment of continuous learning and growth. Finally, you'll explore coaching and facilitation skills you can apply in formal career conversations, and in the moment in any situation, to not only benefit your team members' professional journeys but also contribute to the overall success of your organization.
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Leadercamp on-demand: Own Your Career, Own Your Life
Many organizations are asking their employees to take more ownership of their careers. However, when considering their careers, people often feel stuck or lacking in ownership or guidance. But they don't always communicate those thoughts. Without direction from managers or other guides, many get frustrated and end up leaving organizations to search for other options or try a different career path. In this Leadercamp, consultant, coach, author, speaker, facilitator, and connector Andy Storch shares strategies you can use to inspire and motivate your employees to take ownership of their careers and understand how they can be responsible for their own career growth so that they are happier, more engaged, and often more loyal.
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Why Companies Should Help Employees Chart a Career Path, powered by MIT SMR
In this course, the authors explain how organizations can help each employee develop their career path and implement a coherent career development system that works at scale.
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Job, Career, or Purpose?, powered by MIT SMR
In this course, the authors explain how to leverage each employee's strength and align individual goals with organizational purpose. They also explain how managers can successfully lead different types of employees, including those who may never identify with their company's purpose.
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Developing Future-Ready Skills With Peer Coaching, powered by MIT SMR
The authors share details pertaining to the importance of peer coaching in developing soft skills of employees, importance of exploring the knowledge within, what a positive flywheel effect is, importance of boosting unlearning, and measuring the development of peer coaches through feedback.
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Engaging and Challenging Your Top Performers
Research shows that a top performer can be 400% more productive than an average performer. Such top-performing employees play a significant role in your organization's success and are critical to its future. Replacing them is not only hard, but also expensive. However, retaining such top performers is not easy; they are usually ambitious and are often sought after by other organizations. If they are not happy or engaged in your organization, they may easily find another job. In this course, you'll learn to identify the typical characteristics of such top performers. You will also learn what motivates them and what you can do to keep them engaged and challenged.
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Boosting Performance with the Employee Appraisal Process
Do the words "performance appraisals" stir fear in your mind? Do you think they are, at best, of little consequence and, at worst, a trial to get through? You're probably not alone. However, when approached as a year-round conversation between employee and employer, the performance appraisal process can be a catalyst that leads to higher performance, better relationships, and improvement in key business results. In this course, you'll explore the significance of opening a dialogue through the appraisal process rather than having an annual one-way lane of feedback. You'll learn how the performance appraisal process can be optimized to benefit both employees and employers. You'll also discover how clear feedback affects performance and explore some of the best practices for recognizing and rewarding employees.
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Leveraging the Power of Performance Management
Many managers rely on annual performance reviews to assess their employees. This process can feel like a chore - and it's not always as effective as you'd like it to be. But an ongoing performance management system can offer a better way to monitor and improve employee performance. In this video, you'll discover the key concepts that will be covered in this course, including methods for implementing performance management through goal setting, monitoring, and coaching.
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The Manager's Guide to Employee Development
A primer intended for managers, human resources professionals, and others, this practical, go-to guide explains why career development is important to the organization, employee, and manager, how to lead successful development discussions, and more.
book Duration 24m book Authors By David Hosmer


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