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Public Relations Manager Journey

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Public relations (PR) has always been a balance of persuasion, information, and communication - but these terms imply a one-sided relationship. The rise of social media and lightning-fast news cycles requires that modern public relation professionals engage more with their audiences and build and maintain relationships. Public relations (PR) professionals are vital for connecting with your audience and conveying your key brand messages in a clear and engaging manner. This Journey is based on real-time market information from Lightcast and focuses on the role of the Public Relations Manager within organizations.

Public Relations & Advertising

The fundamentals of modern PR can help you build and monitor a successful PR campaign. This can include new research and marketing methods, creating and maintaining relationships with your influencers, and how to react to negative news stories. Learn more about public relations and advertising.

  • 9 Courses | 3h 6m 2s
  • 1 Book | 7m
  • 1 Audiobook | 22m 53s


Businesses apply best practices in marketing to find and better understand their customers, to inform how they can most effectively advertise, and to stand out from their competition.  Learn more about the best practices of marketing.

  • 13 Courses | 4h 51m 55s
  • 1 Book | 9m
  • 1 Audiobook | 10m 41s

Social Media & Digital Marketing

According to recent research, over 90% of business-to-business customers carry out online research before they make a purchase decision. It’s clear that it’s important for every business to have an online presence. Today, when customers have a need or a problem to solve, the first step is to search for an answer online.  Learn more about social media and digital marketing.

  • 6 Courses | 2h 57m 40s
  • 1 Book | 11m
  • 1 Audiobook | 19m 31s

Writing, Editing, & Communication Skills

The many nuances and conventions in the English language make it diverse and interesting; however, when it comes to writing well, they can also cause some difficulties. For better writing skills, you must familiarize yourself with some of the most common errors of usage. Learn more about writing, editing, and communication skills.

  • 11 Courses | 3h 53m 42s
  • 1 Book | 10m
  • 1 Audiobook | 19m 26s

Creativity & Problem Solving

Before you start looking for solutions to a problem, it's helpful to know what people want in an ideal world. This will give you some direction and aid in the strategic thinking needed to create alternative solutions.  Learn more about creativity and problem solving.

  • 8 Courses | 2h 43m 17s
  • 1 Book | 11m
  • 1 Audiobook | 19m 6s

Research & Planning

Creating a business plan helps you clearly see the opportunities and obstacles you'll inevitably face as you pursue your business idea. By implementing a business plan, you stand a better chance of getting the support you need to succeed.  Learn more about research and planning.

  • 7 Courses | 2h 36m 51s
  • 1 Book | 10m
  • 1 Audiobook | 12m 13s


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