Five Predictions for 2021 from Skillsoft Leaders

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Five Predictions for 2021 from Skillsoft Leaders

It’s no question, 2020 was a tough year. The global pandemic caused a complete shift in our day-to-day lives, forcing us to question norms and rethink the ways we used to do things. The past year has taught us that it’s important to look for the silver linings and build upon them. As we look ahead to 2021, we want to build upon those silver linings – in this special five-part series, we bring together five Skillsoft leaders to share their predictions for 2021. Curious how DEI, digital dexterity, compliance and safety, the “Internet of Careers,” and agile will play a role in the year to come? You’ll have to listen to find out.

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About Our Guest

Elisa Vincent

Elisa Vincent is Vice President of Global Talent Enablement at Skillsoft where she leads strategic initiatives to foster the individual and collective success of the organization. She has 20+ years of experience leading and transforming human capital management, learning and development, talent management, organizational design, and diversity and inclusion across global enterprises.

About Our Guest

Mike Hendrickson

Mike Hendrickson is Vice President of Technology and Development products at Skillsoft. Prior to Skillsoft, Mike spent 15 years at O’Reilly Media, Inc., where he most recently was the VP of content strategy. Mike is a technology strategist with extensive experience establishing, building and maximizing relationships with industry leaders, companies, and partners.

About Our Guest

Norm Ford

Norm Ford is VP of Compliance Products at Skillsoft. Mr. Ford has over 30 years’ experience in Conduct of Operations, Nuclear Operations, Training Drills, Qualification, Certification, Training Procedure and Technical Training issues while serving organizations including Lockheed Martin, the US Department of Energy, and the US Department of Defense.

About Our Guest

Apratim (AP) Purakayastha

Apratim Purakayastha is Chief Technology Officer at Skillsoft. He's responsible for engineering, product management, cloud operations, and IT across all products in the Skillsoft group of companies.

About Our Guest

Debasis Dutta

Debasis Dutta is the Vice President and General Manager of Product and User Experience for SumTotal Systems. Debasis joined SumTotal in 2015 as Vice President of Engineering.

About Our Host

Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek

As Chief Marketing Officer, Michelle is responsible for the leading global marketing strategy for the Skillsoft group of companies, focused on driving growth, generating brand awareness and increasing demand for Skillsoft’s solutions among learners, customers and partners. Since joining the company in 2019, she has overseen customer marketing, corporate communications, demand generation, marketing operations and business development.

Michelle brings more than 25 years of marketing, branding and strategy experience to her role. Prior to Skillsoft, she held several executive positions of increasing responsibility in the high-tech sector, including as Chief Marketing Officer of IBM Watson, where she was responsible for marketing the company's artificial intelligence (AI) products and solutions. Michelle also served as the Global Head of Marketing for The Weather Company, an IBM Business, where she helped companies understand how to anticipate, plan for and ultimately make better decisions – with greater confidence - in the face of weather.

Michelle holds a Master's of Science from Simmons University.