Comscore Uses Skillsoft Content to Foster a Culture of Continual Learning for its Global Workforce  

More than 1,500 Comscore employees are empowered to control their career development with Skillsoft’s Technology & Developer, Leadership Development, Business Skills and Compliance learning content

RESTON, Va. and BOSTON – May 15, 2019Comscore (NASDAQ: SCOR), a trusted partner for planning, transacting and evaluating media across platforms, today announced that it has successfully implemented a business-critical culture of learning for its global workforce across 20 countries with the help of Skillsoft as its corporate learning provider of record. Since 2016, Comscore has leveraged Skillsoft’s award-winning content to empower employees to take control of their career development, build core competencies critical for their current job assignments and develop skills required for advanced, aspirational roles.

Comscore is leveraging Skillsoft’s Technology & Developer, Leadership Development, Business Skills and Compliance content libraries. In total Comscore employees have access to more than 16,000 multi-modal learning assets, including courses, videos, books, audiobooks and learning assessments.

Comscore’s learning programs are delivering measurable benefits to employees and to the organization. For example, Comscore’s Accelerating Manager Performance and Development program has provided more than $2 million in savings as the program’s ROI has increased by 1,377 percent since switching to Skillsoft’s content. Hosted via a Skillsoft learning platform and populated with video courses and micro-learning modules from the Skillsoft Leadership Development Program, the online delivery of Comscore’s manager training program has transformed the offering, making it more accessible, effective and affordable.

“With a widely dispersed workforce of more than 1,500 employees across 20 countries and no method of delivering live in-person training to employees outside of its headquarters, Comscore required an on-demand eLearning solution capable of providing equal and comprehensive learning opportunities to all employees, regardless of location,” said Beth Teixeira, Director of Learning & Development, Comscore. “Skillsoft learning content was so well-received by employees that we vastly expanded our library after one year to provide a broader and deeper set of learning topics. Thanks to Skillsoft, learning is now core to Comscore’s DNA as new hires and longtime employees alike are eager to take control of their career development through taking advantage of Skillsoft’s eLearning solution.”

Comscore has leveraged Skillsoft to deliver the following benefits:

  • Ensure technical skills remain relevant: As new technologies and programming languages emerge, Skillsoft’s Technology & Developer content accelerates skill development and enables Comscore’s technical employees to stay current.
  • Enable effective and empowering manager training: The Skillsoft Leadership Development Program is fully aligned with Comscore’s circular management training program and for the first time enables Comscore to deliver management training to managers across the entire organization. The content is extremely engaging and instructional, and the scenario-based simulations help managers to put learning into practice.
  • Democratize learning and training for all employees: With complete access to Skillsoft’s Business Skills portfolio, employees across all departments, functions and levels have the power to take control of their development, including the ability to improve soft skills or complete technical training such as Project Management
  • Optimize and automate compliance training: Skillsoft’s Compliance solutions deliver the right content in the right languages while enabling Comscore to automate assignments and track completions, resulting in reduced compliance risk and burden.

“It’s humbling to hear how Skillsoft content has impacted the evolution of Comscore’s learning culture and transformed career development for the organization’s 1,500 global employees and counting,” said Chad Gaydos, chief operating officer, Skillsoft. “As continual learning and talent development increasingly become key business imperatives, Skillsoft remains committed to providing modern, relevant and engaging content to ensure workforces and their organizations develop the most critical competencies and skills for business in the digital economy.”

To learn more about Comscore’s use of Skillsoft’s content, read a case study and watch a video. Learn more about Skillsoft’s award-winning content collections at

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