What’s New in the Skillsoft Leadership Development Program (SLDP)

October 18, 2019 | New Workplace Leadership | 5 min read
What’s New in the Skillsoft Leadership Development Program (SLDP)

It’s been 18 months since we announced the availability of our video-based Skillsoft Leadership Development Program (SLDP), covering 30 of today’s most critical leadership competencies. Designed using a scenario-based approach that capitalizes on the latest insights from ground-breaking adult learning science research, SLDP is both engaging and effective.

A lot has happened in that time! We’re thrilled that SLDP has won numerous awards, including New Product of the Year in Enterprise Education from Business Intelligence Group, Gold for Excellence in Leadership Development from Brandon Hall Group, and Corporate Learning Solution of the Year from EdTech Breakthrough Awards, among many others.

Here’s what some of our customers are saying about SLDP:

“Our Skillsoft partnership resulted in higher access and completion rates allowing us to eliminate a six-figure spend with another solution. That’s a powerful return that any leader in the organization can get behind.”

  • Mark Dompier, Director of Talent, Management and Learning, PetSmart

“Skillsoft's Leadership Development Program is one that helps our leaders to manage themselves, their teams, and our organization…Each component in SLDP helps leaders to develop their business acumen, empowers them to have crucial conversations, to think more strategically, and communicate more effectively.”

Here's Cliff Howe discussing how Cox Enterprises develops future leaders using Skillsoft Leadership Development Programs and Percipio.

“At Hitachi Consulting we are using Skillsoft's Leadership Development Program to support employees at every level. Our employees have a growth mindset, and many express interest in preparing for a leadership role very early in their career. The Leadership Development Program allows us to provide a leadership learning path to any interested employee so they can learn, grow, and be better prepared to move into a leadership role when the opportunity arises.”

Watch Karin Levitt explain the challenges of providing leadership training to employees at every level and discusses the importance of digital transformation. Discover how Hitachi addresses educating a mobile sales force by using Skillsoft Leadership Development Program and Percipio.

We continue to enhance SLDP to provide even more value to our customers and their learners. Here’s what’s new and planned for 2020:

SLDP introductory video

We created a 9-minute video to help learners get started with SLDP. It provides a brief overview of the solution in Percipio, how it's organized, and the many application resources available. The video is the first course in each SLDP channel, so it can be viewed by the learner regardless of where they begin their SLDP adventure.

Streaming Live Events in Percipio

2019 is our eleventh year of Live Events. Read Live Event anniversary – Marking a Decade of Live Events, to learn how we bring the best and brightest minds in business, innovation, and leadership to our virtual stage.

While Live Events have always been available in Percipio as recorded sessions within SLDP, we now offer them as live webcasts in Percipio for SLDP learners. Audiences can now watch Live Events on Percipio in real-time and access them on-demand as recorded events.

Don’t forget to take advantage of a comprehensive set of guides and resources to leverage and blend our Live Events into existing programs. These documents include a customizable marketing flyer, a blended learning document, several discussion guides, and a session transcript. These resources provide unique opportunities for leaders to get together for active development sessions with the teams they lead.

New Skillbrief format

Each of the 30 English language SLDP courses now offers a newly formatted and refreshed 8-10-page Leader Skillbrief. Presented in a modern, infographic-style format, Skillbriefs provide a quick reference summary of the course. The major learning points are visually arranged and serve as powerful takeaways that highlight the critical learning points of each SLDP competency. Skillbriefs are easily saved, printed, or viewable on-line whenever leaders need a quick refresher.

Expanded skills coverage

We’ve planned two new SLDP channels for later this year. All the courses in these new channels will use a scenario-based content treatment approach.

One new channel focuses on the Collaborative Leader, which is a new competency in the Leading Your Team subject area. This new competency focuses on how team leaders can foster collaboration within and between teams, to increase productivity and organizational effectiveness.

The other new channel focuses on leadership "toolkits," which are pragmatic courses that enable the rapid application of more effective leadership practices. Toolkit courses will initially focus on the topics of facilitating a brainstorming session, facilitating a workshop, and running a team debrief.

Expanded localization

We’ve been working hard to offer SLDP in a variety of languages. By the end of January 2020, almost 90% of the English language SLDP courses will be available in French, German and Spanish. By the end of January 2020, the ten critical competency SLDP channels will also be available in Japanese, Chinese Mandarin, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Services package

A Skillsoft Professional Services offering is now available for SLDP. A professional services consultant will help customers manage the planning, rollout, and ongoing support of the SLDP learning experience for their teams. This service includes program implementation consulting, design, development, delivery, distribution, and evaluation.

Benefits of this service offering include:

  • A proven framework for continuous, blended learning to align with your most critical learning initiatives
  • An efficient and consistent structure delivering learning, reflection and application opportunities
  • Consultant expertise to help ensure a successful rollout and learning experience

Bringing it all together

The Skillsoft Leadership Development Program helps your organization democratize leadership development and prepare leaders at all levels, to harness and drive innovation in today’s digital workplace. As we continue to add value to the offering, we invite you to learn more about it.

Nancy Santacesaria is a Project & Program Manager, Leadership, Business Skills, and Digital Transformation Content Solutions at Skillsoft.