Cross-Functional Collaboration

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Innovation requires effective cross-functional collaboration. Develop the capability to unlock value across functions within the organization.


Cultivating Cross-functional Team Collaboration

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    Cultivating Cross-functional Team Collaboration
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    What’s the Value of Cross-functional Collaboration?
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Cultivating Cross-functional Team Collaboration
Today's challenging business world demands that organizations move beyond traditional silos and toward broader, cross-functional collaboration. This means that organizations have to adeptly utilize skills and creative ideas from functions across the organization. And this requires effort and support from leadership. But in the end, it can maximize what an organization can accomplish. This course explores how to establish and cultivate true cross-functional team collaboration. In it, you'll learn about the characteristics and key benefits of effective cross-functional team collaboration. You'll also learn how to assess your team's cross-functional collaboration readiness using relevant software solutions. And you’ll explore how to overcome potential barriers to achieve true cross-functional collaboration throughout your organization.
7 videos | 33m
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Achieving Digital Dexterity
Flexibility, agility, and the ability to efficiently change between activities are critical in today's tech-centric environment. Digital innovation has transformed the business landscape. Computer data informs our decision making and computerized processes play a major part in the jobs we do. Businesses committed to embracing digital agility are the ones that excel. In this course, you'll explore the benefits and techniques for achieving organizational digital dexterity. You’ll explore how to establish a tech-centric mindset and how to digitize practices to support digital dexterity. In addition, you'll learn how to gauge organizational progress toward digital dexterity and the associated strategies to sustain it.
6 videos | 27m
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Enabling Business-IT Collaboration and Strategic Alignment
Successful business-IT alignment is rapidly gaining importance. In today's business world, technological and digital innovation are constantly changing the rulebook for running a competitive business. To thrive in this environment, businesses require a digital transformation strategy that encourages the alignment of the business and IT functions. They can then use cross-functional teams to efficiently adapt to technological changes and opportunities. In this course, you´ll learn about effective business-IT collaboration. You'll also explore the critical concepts, processes, and best practices for establishing and sustaining effective strategic alignment while avoiding pitfalls common to these initiatives. And you’ll explore how you can sustain success toward true digital transformation.
7 videos | 30m
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Building Innovation Cultures and Leaders
Innovating is the only way to adapt and keep speed with the pace of change in today's business world. Building and supporting an innovative culture is the responsibility of leaders and employees across organizational hierarchies and is aided by an effective change management process. In this course, you'll learn about business innovation cultures and types of innovation leadership. You'll also learn about the importance of experimenting, managing change, and executing a project. Finally, you'll learn how to attract and nurture innovation in your organization.
8 videos | 30m
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Strategies for Managing Technical Teams
Effective team leadership in the dynamic technology field is integral to business success, but managing technical teams has unique hurdles. In this course, you'll learn what the hurdles are when working on a team and managing teams in the technology field. You'll cover the qualities of a tech manager, and tips to manage tech teamwork to encourage effective collaboration.
6 videos | 26m
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MIT Sloan Management Review on Business-IT Collaboration and Strategic Alignment
In this collection of articles from MIT Sloan Management Review, you'll learn if it’s possible to stay ahead of competitors without investing in a digital collaboration platform, about stakeholders committing to further investment, and tedious processes hampering the adoption of new technologies.
Book Duration 26m
Book Authors By MIT Sloan Management Review


Cross-Functional Teams: Working with Allies, Enemies, and Other Strangers
Offering concrete advice and inspiration to team leaders, team members, and senior management, this book provides a tool kit of assessment surveys, worksheets, checklists, and even sample training programs to help launch and sustain effective teams.
Book Duration 5h 14m
Book Authors By Glenn M. Parker


Cross-Functional Productivity Improvement
Providing time-tested advice on how to reduce waste and enhance efficiency, this clear and practical guide illustrates the various types of errors that can hurt productivity and outlines proven solutions to prevent or correct them.
Book Duration 2h 54m
Book Authors By Ronald Blank


The Basics of Process Mapping
Make accurate enhancements in your business through this guide's work flow and customer-supplier correlations.
Book Duration 27m
Book Authors By Robert Damelio


Connected By Design: 7 Principles of Business Transformation Through Functional Integration
Based on R/GA's pioneering work with firms at the forefront of functional integration, this book identifies seven principles companies must follow in order to create and deliver new value for customers and capture new revenues.
Book Duration 3h 25m
Book Authors By Barry Wacksman, Chris Stutzman


IT-Driven Business Models: Global Case Studies in Transformation
Revealing IT secrets from well-known innovation leaders such as ABB, IKEA, Apple, Tata, Sharp, Saudi Aramco, De Beers, Telefónica, Valero Energy, LEGO, and Procter & Gamble, this book explains how business model innovation can help you take advantage of emerging opportunities.
Book Duration 4h 6m
Book Authors By Henning Kagermann, Hubert Osterle, John M. Jordan


War and Peace and IT: Business Leadership, Technology, and Success in the Digital Age
Providing clear context and strategies, this book demystifies the role IT plays in the modern enterprise, allowing business leaders to create new strategies for the new digital battleground.
Book Duration