Working Effectively on a Team

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Effective teams have committed and engaged players. Explore how you can be a better contributor to your teams and their success.


Being an Effective Team Member

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    Being an Effective Team Member
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    The Power of a Positive Attitude
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Being an Effective Team Member
Making a real, positive difference on a team is not necessarily about showing team leadership. Even if your role doesn’t involve managing teams, you can still make an important contribution by being a strong team member. This course covers strategies and techniques to help you become a more effective and valued team member. You'll explore ways to adopt a positive mindset toward teamwork, so that you can make a significant contribution. Because your success when working on a team depends on pulling together with other people, you'll also learn constructive ways to acknowledge differences and show respect for teams, and specific strategies for team collaboration.
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Strategies for Building a Cohesive Team
Team cohesion, or the strength of the links between team members, determines how effective teams will be, especially in responding to outside pressures. A team has to be cohesive if its members are to function as a unit, working closely and efficiently to achieve common goals. In this course, you'll learn methods for effectively building and managing teams that focus on improvements in three areas: communication, cooperation, and trust. You'll learn specific strategies for improving communication and promoting collaboration among staff members working on a team. You'll also learn what signs suggest a lack of trust on a team, and how you can show team leadership by using the right techniques to build trust and improve teamwork.
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Effective Team Communication
It's vital to maintain open, effective communication when working on a team. However, it's all too easy for teams to adopt bad habits. Without realizing how badly it affects your team, you or another team member may communicate in ways that lead to misunderstandings in teamwork, cause unnecessary conflict, keep others from having their say, and prevent collaboration. In this course, you'll learn about different verbal barriers to effective team communication and strategies for overcoming them. But speaking is only one part of communication; effective team leadership is about listening too. So you'll also learn about some active listening techniques that can help you be a better listener when managing teams.
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Expert Insights on Working Effectively on a Team
You can do more as part of a team than you could ever do alone, as long as you contribute in the right ways. When you share goals, work hard, have everyone else’s back, and accept responsibility, you and your teammates become unstoppable.
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Contributing as a Virtual Team Member
Companies often opt to create virtual teams in place of on-site teams. This allows employees to work from home or remote locations. However, if not managed appropriately, remote working may cause breakdowns in communication, collaboration, and teamwork. In this course, you'll learn how to develop the skills you need to show team leadership and be an effective member of a virtual team. You’ll explore personal traits that are useful when working on a team remotely. You’ll also learn strategies to stay connected with other team members, and ways to manage your time and overcome the challenges associated with managing teams remotely.
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Genius Partnerships
Why settle for a regular partnership when you could have a genius partnership? Resolve conflict with respect and humor, play off each other’s strengths, and build relationships that are healthy and productive.
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Book Summary

A Team of Leaders: Empowering Every Member to Take Ownership, Demonstrate Initiative and Deliver Results
A Team of Leaders provides the methods and tools to transform conventional manager-led teams into empowered, high-performing teams of leaders. In this Summary, we discuss the salient points of the book based on our interpretation of its contents.
Book Duration 9m Book Authors By Paul Gustavson, Stewart Liff

Book Summary

The Ideal Team Player: How to Recognize and Cultivate The Three Essential Virtues
The Ideal Team Player introduces the essential reasons for being a team player and why in this global, fluid workplace environment we all face, it’s more important than ever. In this Summary, we discuss the salient points of the book based on our interpretation of its contents.
Book Duration 9m Book Authors By Patrick Lencioni


Opening Doors to Teamwork and Collaboration
Describing four simple behavioral keys that fundamentally change how people work together, this book shows how organizations can generate the sense of excitement, energy, and shared mission that occurs when people truly join together.
Book Duration 1h Book Authors By Frederick A. Miller, Judith H. Katz


The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable
Using fiction, this book exemplifies the dysfunctional philosophies teams and team members grapple with, and how to avoid them.
Book Duration 2h 20m Book Authors By Patrick Lencioni


Savvy: Dealing with People, Power and Politics at Work
Filled with case studies and examples, this practical and insightful book is for readers who want to learn how to successfully negotiate power dynamics at work without compromising their values or integrity.
Book Duration 3h 38m Book Authors By Jane Clarke


Into the Storm: Lessons in Teamwork from the Treacherous Sydney to Hobart Ocean Race
Recounting the story of the Ramblers' stunning victory of the iconic Sydney to Hobart deepwater challenge, this poignant guide provides resources and tools to support teams as they navigate the chaotic seas of business today.
Book Duration 5h 16m Book Authors By Dennis N.T. Perkins, Jillian B. Murphy


Collaborating for Results: Silo Working and Relationships that Work
Combining psychology with broader organisation development theory and practice, this book focuses on the human reasons for unproductive silo working in organisations, and explores how to develop working relationships that save time and money and improve organisation performance.
Book Duration 3h 23m Book Authors By David Ian Willcock


The Hard Hat: 21 Ways to Be a Great Teammate
Presenting a true story about George Boiardi, his team and their legacy, this unforgettable book is infused with practical insights and life changing lessons that will inspire you to be the best teammate you can be and to build a great team.
Book Duration 1h 17m Book Authors By Jon Gordon


Collaborating with the Enemy: How to Work with People You Don’t Agree with or Like or Trust
Teaching us how to work with people whom we might not like or trust, this timely book outlines the five misunderstandings that keep people from effectively collaborating with those people and shows readers how they can successfully engage with positive results instead.
Book Duration 2h Book Authors By Adam Kahane


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