Key Concepts and the Four Dimensions of Service Management

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  • 21 videos | 53m 58s
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ITIL has guiding principles of the service value system (SVS). In this course, you'll discover the seven guiding principles. Then, you'll learn about the continual improvement model and its seven steps. First, you'll explore the questions what is the vision?, where are we now?, where do we want to be?, and how do we get there? Then you'll learn about the step take action. Finally, you'll discover the steps that ask the questions did we get there? and how do we keep the momentum going? This course was originally created by Global Knowledge (GK).


  • describe the components of ITIL's value system
    discuss the four dimensions of service management, their purpose and how value is facilitated
    define service management and the key concepts of service management
    describe the nature of value and value co-creation
    discuss stakeholders and the importance of understanding different perspectives
    define products and services and discuss their importance
    describe the components of a service
    discuss service relationships and describe the role played by their components
    describe the service relationship model and the roles played by organizations in such a model
    discuss how value can affect costs, risks, and outcomes
    describe the differences between outputs and outcomes
  • discuss the types of costs involved in service relationships
    describe the types of risks involved in service relationships
    define the differences between utility and warranties
    discuss the stakeholders of service management and the value to them
    discuss the PESTLE model and the factors that affect the four dimensions of service management
    describe the first dimension of service management, organizations and people
    discuss the second dimension of service management, information and technology
    describe the third dimension of service management, partners and suppliers
    discuss the fourth dimension of service management, value streams and processes
    describe the path of the value stream process using a real-world example



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