Leadership Insights on Critical Thinking

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Although it might seem counterintuitive, a systematic approach to critical thinking facilitates the creative process that is so valuable to problem solving. Use these ideas to boost your skills and the skills of those around you.


  • Acquire insights on when to apply critical thinking.
    Acquire insights on how to avoid confirmation bias while evaluating evidence in a given situation.
    Acquire insights on how to manage your time and resources to unlock you ability to think creatively.
    Acquire insights on identifying when and where you apply your best thinking.
    Acquire insights on how to come up with creative solutions using determination and perseverance.
  • Acquire insights on critical thinking and problem solving techniques to become a more effective leader.
    Acquire insights on how to become an expert problem solver by adopting specific problem-solving strategies that can help you see problems as opportunities that no one else sees.
    Acquire insights on the importance of brainstorming which starts with asking good questioning, rather than dictating ideas.
    Acquire insights on critical assumptions and how to successfully test and implement new ideas.


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    1.  Knowing When to Think Critically
    1m 51s
    We all have the ability to think critically, but we need to know when to apply that skill. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Challenge Your Assumptions to Avoid Confirmation Bias
    2m 34s
    Army research showed a tendency to focus on evidence supporting an hypothesis and ignore disconfirming evidence. This “confirmation bias” was counteracted by instructions to seek out disconfirming evidence. We should do the same in the innovation world. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Nurturing Your Own Creative Thinking
    3m 41s
    If you really want to be a creative thinker, you need to approach your day systematically and guard your time so that you can focus on projects and issues, shares Gaia Grant. Here, she talks about how to take control of your time. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  When and Where Do You Do Your Best Thinking?
    1m 20s
    Where do you do your best thinking? Chances are, it isn't at work. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Creative Solutions Require Determination, Not Luck
    4m 2s
    Creative people who come up with solutions and are highly successful are often both admired and perceived as lucky. Not so, says Gaia Grant. The primary ingredient to creative thinking is perseverance. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Leading Through Critical Thinking
    2m 4s
    Leaders today need better critical thinking and problem solving skills—a focus on what questions to ask and how to approach the answers to those questions. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  A Better Way to Find Solutions
    4m 55s
    To become an expert problem solver, you need to see opportunities that no one else sees. And to do that, you need to understand a problem-solving strategy called "generate mass." FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Brainstorming Begins with Questions
    3m 37s
    Does your approach to brainstorming start with asking everyone to yell out ideas? If so, Levy has an easier, less-intimidating, and better way to begin. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Testing New Ideas
    2m 16s
    Ideas need to be tested before they can be implemented. By learning about critical assumptions, you can test quickly while saving time and effort. FREE ACCESS


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