Managing Users & Group Permissions in Box Web

Box Web    |    Intermediate
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As a Box administrator, you can create users and groups to manage your company's file storage settings and permissions. Learn how to create and manage users, configure your company's Box setup, and generate reports.


  • add users to your company's Box account
    create a group in Box
  • configure the custom setup for your company's Box account
    create and export Box activity reports


  • 5m 56s
    If you are an administrator of Box for your company's account, you can add users. You will see how to add a new user as well as how to manage your user list. FREE ACCESS
  • 6m 8s
    If you are an administrator on Box, you can create groups, which allow you to share certain folders and documents with the members that you choose to add to the group. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Configuring the custom setup for your Box company account in Box Web
    5m 2s
    If you are the administrator of your company's Box account, you can configure a custom setup by adding several different elements to the company's Box page like a customized logo, color scheme and login message. All managed users will see your customized setup when working in the Box web application. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Creating & exporting reports in Box Web
    5m 26s
    As an administrator of your company Box account, you can run and export reports regarding how your managed users are using the web application. These reports allow you to get an overview of several different types of information like user activity or which folders and files have been viewed or modified. FREE ACCESS


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