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Accountant Journey

  • 70 Courses | 32h 42m 12s
  • 4 Books | 41m
  • 5 Audiobooks | 16h 37s
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Accounting is an internal function that involves identifying, recording, summarizing, and reporting business transactions and financial events in an organization. If your organizational role is related to accounting or finance, you'll most likely need solid financial acumen and a strong grasp of the accounting basics. Learn more about the skills and competencies required by Accountants. This Journey is based on real-time market information from Lightcast and focuses on the role of the Accountant within organizations.

Finance & Budgeting

Given the importance of finance, it's in everyone's best interest to have some basic knowledge of some of the most important aspects of business finance such as budgeting and financial statements.

  • 5 Courses | 1h 49m 25s
  • 1 Book | 10m
  • 2 Audiobooks | 14h 59m 6s

Excel Basics

Learn about how to get started, and then delve into the data manipulation techniques with Excel 2019 for Windows.

  • 6 Courses | 4h 39m 17s

Risk Management

Risk is an inevitable aspect of any business.  It's important that you mitigate or avoid the potential impact of a risk if it comes to pass, to ensure the long-term survival of your organization.

  • 3 Courses | 1h 3m 32s
  • 1 Book | 10m
  • 1 Audiobook | 18m 13s

Communication Skills & Managing Up & Across

Careful relationship management will make your job more enjoyable. You'll find that to work more effectively with your boss, you need to develop a rapport and good networking skills. Managing up can help you find enjoyment and reward in your current position.

  • 4 Courses | 1h 13m 8s
  • 1 Book | 9m
  • 1 Audiobook | 22m 5s

Data Basics

As industries, enterprises, and jobs become more data-intensive, data literacy is critical to effectively “talk data” with business colleagues and data and analytics professionals who support you in your work.  Learn more about the basics of data.

  • 6 Courses | 2h 21m 53s
  • 1 Book | 12m
  • 1 Audiobook | 21m 13s


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