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Creating An Inclusive Culture Of Trust and Belonging

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Creating a Culture of Inclusion is good for everyone. It's good for business; it's good for morale; it's good for productivity, and it helps ensure employee retention. Every organization wants its employees to feel empowered to bring more of their authentic selves to work. Creating a culture where everyone feels welcome and included is a leadership imperative. This Journey is designed to help leaders develop and advance their inclusive and authentic leadership to create cultures where everyone feels included, heard, and valued.

Setting the Foundation With Trust

Trust is the foundation for all relationships, leadership and team dynamics. It sets the stage for inclusion and innovation. Without trust, team members will not feel like they can bring their whole selves to work. With trust, leaders start their journey towards building a culture of inclusion and belonging.

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Investing In Self-Awareness

In order to shape and influence culture, leaders must first commit to building self-awareness and understanding of what motivates and forms their leadership - their strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, reactions, triggers and more. An increase in self-awareness and reflection enables mentorship, sponsorship, and an appreciation for authenticity.

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Listening With Intention and Purpose

Listening is an art and a science. To truly build and influence a culture of inclusion and belonging, leaders must know how to listen effective, with intention and purpose, cultivating deep understanding so that they can properly address the evolving needs and concerns of employees.

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Developing A Coaching Mindset

One of a leader's primary responsibility is to empower their employees and to helping remove obstacles they face in their work. Building this capability can help establish leaders allies, increase team loyalty, prevent attrition, and help to create workplace that employees love to be a part of.

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Lead Inclusively

An inclusive leader coaches and champions the strengths of team members - creating a team atmosphere where everyone can come together and thrive. By providing psychological safety and being conscious and aware of micro-behaviors, leader's set expectations for how teams can work best together, while valuing each individual.

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