Skillsoft’s New ITIL 4 Training and Certification Courses Enable Organizations to Transform IT Service Delivery in the Digital Economy 

Skillsoft’s on-demand, online solution fully aligns with AXELOS’ ITIL 4 syllabus and certification exam objectives

BOSTON – July 15, 2019 –Skillsoft, a global leader in corporate learning, and an approved training organization for ITIL, today unveiled a new multi-modal ITIL 4 training and certification preparation solution. Skillsoft’s new ITIL training solution, which aims to help customers deliver modern IT services in the digital economy and create compelling transformation initiatives, is a cost-effective alternative to time-intensive workshops and classroom-based instruction.

Today, @Skillsoft announced a new #ITIL 4 training and certification solution, aligned with #AXELOS' updated syllabus. The solution focuses on both technical and soft, or "power," skills needed for delivering modern #IT services in the digital economy.

Core to Skillsoft’s ITIL 4 solution are nine new on-demand, online micro-learning courses that fully align with AXELOS’ ITIL 4 syllabus and certification exam objectives. The solution also offers access to numerous full-text online and audiobooks as well as practice exams, study guides and direct mentorship to augment learning and support knowledge retention.

“Service improvement projects are often major transformative initiatives for organizations,” said Stephen Elliot, Program Vice President, Management Software and DevOps, IDC. “Implementing ITIL, the most widely used IT service framework, within an organization can be a challenging undertaking. Knowledge and skills must be developed and continually updated at many levels across the enterprise as guidelines and best practices continuously evolve and improve. The launch of ITIL 4 delivers many critical changes to modernize the framework as technology has drastically evolved in the past eight years since ITIL 3’s debut.”

Skillsoft, which has been providing ITIL training and certification preparation for more than a decade, offers in its ITIL 4 solution flexible, scalable options for building hard and soft skills via both immersive, guided learning and moment of need support. Organizations can set the tone for change by offering Skillsoft’s continuous learning resources that guide the development of skills with the right formats and subjects, regardless of where learners might be in their digital business development.

Skillsoft’s ITIL 4 solution is unique due to its broad array of training options that allow organizations to provide personalized development opportunities for each participant in an ITIL initiative regardless of their role or level in the organization. Leveraging content from its Technology & Developer portfolio as well as its Leadership Development, Digital Transformation Training, Business Skills and Productivity and Collaboration Tools training content libraries, Skillsoft’s ITIL 4 solution offers the following benefits:

  • Scalable, cost-effective ITIL training: With Skillsoft, learners can complete training anywhere, at any time and on any device via the Percipio learning experience platform.
  • Suite of ITIL certification preparation resources: Certification candidates have access to ITIL 4 TestPrep. The solution provides a timed, simulated “Exam Mode” in addition to an untimed “Learn Mode” that guides learners when assistance is needed. Learners can also interact directly with certified IT experts with real-time messaging through Skillsoft’s Ask a Mentor feature.
  • Delivery of ITIL and power skills side by side: Whether participating in or leading a team, revamping a service offering, or improving operations for an IT customer support desk, core skills such as cross-functional collaboration, agility, innovation, communication, negotiation, and leadership are essential.

“Support for the effective delivery of IT services is key to the success of nearly every organization in nearly every industry as digital transformation becomes an increasingly urgent priority rather than an aspirational goal,” said Mark Onisk, chief content officer, Skillsoft. “With Skillsoft’s ITIL 4 solution, service delivery models can be process-optimized, and organizations can be assured that they are aligning delivery to meet the needs of the business while leveraging training and certification preparation that can be offered online, cost-effectively and at scale.”

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