Core Leadership Skills for Result-Driven Success

  • 30m
  • 30 questions
Lean and Six Sigma principles are crucial for new product development and driving digital business growth. Effectively influencing decision-makers and navigating organizational politics are essential for advancing ideas. Enhancing political acumen is vital for effective leadership, team influence, and improved negotiation skills. Utilizing disciplined decision-making and problem-solving strategies ensures objective choices. Aligning goals with strategic objectives motivates employees and drives success. Developing financial acumen allows for better analysis of statements and efficient resource management. Prioritizing time management helps leaders stay focused and organized. This benchmark assesses your understanding of these fundamental leadership skills. Identifying potential knowledge gaps will help you gauge your current competency and pinpoint areas for improvement, enabling you to find appropriate content and tailor your learning journey. The courses suggested at the end of this benchmark can assist in addressing any knowledge deficiencies.

Topics covered

  • Achieve Productivity in Your Personal Life
  • Aligning Goals and Priorities
  • Aligning Goals and Priorities to Deliver Results
  • Aligning Goals and Priorities To Manage Time
  • Applying Value Stream Mapping in Lean Business
  • Basic Accounting Concepts for Non-financial Professionals
  • Basic Budgeting for Non-financial Professionals
  • Building Personal Power through Influence
  • Choosing and Using the Best Solution
  • Embedding Data-driven Decisions into Organizational Culture
  • Enabling Business Process Improvement
  • Establishing Team Goals and Responsibilities, and Using Feedback Effectively
  • Focusing on the Bottom Line as an Employee
  • Gaining Insight through Organizational Awareness
  • Guiding the Analysis for Effective Data-driven Decision Making
  • Implementing a Process Automation Strategy
  • Innovating with Lean Product Management
  • Investigating Arguments
  • Make The Time You Need: Get Organized
  • Managing Your Time So It Doesn’t Manage You
  • Negotiating the Best Solution
  • Personal Power and Credibility
  • Positioning Powerful Messages to Enable Action
  • Reaching Sound Conclusions
  • Six Sigma and Lean: Foundations and Principles
  • Six Sigma Techniques for Improvement
  • Staying on Track to Reach Your Goals
  • The Art of Staying Focused
  • The Foundation of a Strategic Plan
  • Working with Data for Effective Decision Making