PowerPoint 2019

  • 14m
  • 14 questions
This benchmark evaluates your proficiency in key areas of Microsoft PowerPoint 2019. Being aware of your proficiency level allows you to better understand your current skills and areas for improvement, so you can find suitable content and curate your own learning path. The courses recommended at the end of this benchmark can help you fill potential gaps in your knowledge.

Topics covered

  • Adding Animations
  • Adding Data to Presentations
  • Configuring PowerPoint
  • Creating Graphics & Diagrams
  • Creating Presentations
  • Enhancing Presentation Designs
  • Formatting Presentations
  • Getting Started with PowerPoint
  • Inserting & Manipulating Text
  • Organizing Presentation Assets
  • Preparing & Delivering Slideshows
  • Saving Presentations
  • Sharing & Collaborating on a Presentation
  • Using Multimedia in Presentations