Ethics, Integrity, & Trust

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Every organization expects employees to act with ethics, integrity, and trust. Build your reputation as an honest and trustworthy colleague.  


Developing Diplomacy and Tact

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    Developing Diplomacy and Tact
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    Understanding Tact and Diplomacy
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Developing Diplomacy and Tact
In business, the best communicators tailor what they say based on other people's perspectives, goals, and feelings. Communicating with diplomacy and tact allows you to be more persuasive and build stronger relationships. In this course, you'll learn about tact and diplomacy: what they are, and how enhancing your business communication skills through their employment can be of value. You'll also learn skills and strategies to put tact and diplomacy to work for you.
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Remaining Tactful and Diplomatic under Pressure
Over the course of a career, not everyone you work with will be easy to get along with. Sometimes this presents difficult situations. But whether it's your boss, a peer, direct report, client, or vendor, professionalism, and professional success, rely on overcoming challenging people and be able to work with even those you don't personally care for. It requires using tact. In this course, you'll learn to navigate challenging situations with tact and diplomacy. You'll learn how to get along with co-workers, give feedback to bosses and direct reports, compose tactful emails, and negotiate diplomatically.
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Developing Your Business Ethics
It's not always easy to decide between right and wrong at work. Making ethical decisions can help you to discern the right thing to do in difficult situations.  You might think that business ethics are only an issue for upper management, but in fact, every employee should understand the importance of ethical decision making. In this course, you'll learn some common myths about business ethics. You'll learn about different approaches to ethics, the values and standards in a typical code of conduct, and how to develop your own code. You'll also learn ways to overcome obstacles to ethical behavior and steps for making ethical decisions.
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The Building Blocks of Building Trust
Who can I trust around here? This is a more common workplace question than most of us might like to admit. Building relationships and trust within professional networks is done like a mason building a wall – one stone at a time. Trust is a core ingredient in positive relationships. Without it, the mason's wall takes on a whole new analogy – a barrier, with no gate for entry. This course explores trust what makes you and others trustworthy, and how to demonstrate trustworthiness through you own professional accountability.
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Expert Insights on Trust
Business is all about relationships, and trust is the hallmark of all relationships. Without trust, you might as well close up shop. With trust, people perform better and succeed more often. Trust is a must. Trust starts with you.
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Navigating Challenging Situations with Diplomacy and Tact
You’ll likely face unpleasant situations or tasks at some point in your career. Communicating with diplomacy and tact in these situations can inspire confidence. In this course, you'll learn to navigate difficult conversations and situations. You'll also learn how to communicate a difficult message effectively, write diplomatic and tactful e-mails, and handle angry and manipulative coworkers.
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Expert Insights on Ethics
Simply put, ethics is putting morals before profits. Just as doctors promise to “do no harm,” businesses are learning to maximize the positive and minimize damage. In a world with increasing transparency, ethics can make or break a company.
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Being a Responsible Corporate Digital Citizen
Security risks are high online and businesses need flexibility to adapt to change if they are going to navigate online interactions safely. Staying current on digital innovation and security guidelines ensures your company's resilience against threats to secure data management. This course will explore some responsibilities when interacting in an online world so you can become a good corporate digital citizen and reduce your data security risk.
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The 10 Laws of Trust: Building the Bonds That Make a Business Great
Exploring how a culture of trust gives companies an edge, this book - in clear, enagaging prose, highlighted by compelling examples - explains how to plant the seeds of trust and reap the rewards of reputation, profits, and success.
Book Duration 1h 28m Book Authors By David A. Kaplan, Joel Peterson


Obstacles to Ethical Decision-Making: Mental Models, Milgram and the Problem of Obedience
Explaining the various obstacles to ethical managerial decision-making, this thought-provoking book presents clear explanations of the key concepts underlying the issues and provides suggestions for how ethical considerations can be centrally placed in decision-making.
Book Duration 5h 10m Book Authors By Crina Archer, Elaine E. Englehardt, Laura Pincus Hartman, Michael S. Pritchard, Patricia H. Werhane


Bridging the Values Gap: How Authentic Organizations Bring Values to Life
Bridging the gap between the "talk" and the "walk" when it comes to values, this book provides a process through which organizations can collectively surface deeply held values that truly resonate with everyone, from top to bottom.
Book Duration 2h 56m Book Authors By Ellen R. Auster, R. Edward Freeman


Climbing the Ladder of Success: Without Stepping on Your Values
It's time to step up and claim your place on the ladder of success! This book will teach you how to implement the right strategies, tools, and mindset to become more confident, profitable, and create more realistic expectations while eliminating the second-guessing and fear that can keep you stuck.
Book Duration 1h 27m Book Authors By Cookie Tuminello


Ethical Intelligence: Five Principles for Untangling Your Toughest Problems at Work and Beyond
Through numerous real-life examples, this book applies the principles of ethical intelligence to some of the toughest problems we face today, and reveals the essential elements of a life well lived.
Book Duration 3h 34m Book Authors By Bruce Weinstein


Integrity in Business: Developing Ethical Behavior Across Cultures and Jurisdictions
Providing a rigorous and sophisticated guide to understanding and adopting a holistic business integrity strategy, this book explores the complex nature of integrity and business, and illustrates how organizations have avoided major setbacks to their reputations and value by encouraging integrity.
Book Duration 2h 33m Book Authors By Frank Holder


Inspiring Trust: Bringing Out the Best in Your People and Yourself
The My Practical MBA Series provides the latest thinking as well as perennial techniques for a range of business challenges. This concise guide shows leaders how to lead from the front, set and demonstrate the standards for integrity, trust, personal values, initiative, dynamism and teamwork that others can follow.
Book Duration 17m Book Authors By LID Editorial


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