Leading the Business

  • 14m
  • 14 questions
Becoming a successful business leader means more than just directing and motivating your people. It also requires understanding the business you're in and making sure that you're making decisions that will help your company meet its goals. In this Leading the Business Unit Benchmark, you'll be able to make a frank assessment of your current skills in strategic planning and execution, identifying your strengths and recognizing areas of weaknesses that will benefit from further learning and growth.

Topics covered

  • Creating a Successful Business Execution Culture
  • Data-driven Leadership
  • Developing Your Critical Thinking and Cognitive Flexibility
  • Influencing and Persuading Others
  • Leading a Customer-centric Culture
  • Leading Innovation
  • Leading in the Age of AI
  • Leading in the Digital Era
  • Leading through Disruption
  • Leading through Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Leading through Setting and Managing Priorities
  • Leading through Shared Vision
  • Leading with Judgment and Decisiveness
  • Leading with Strategic Thinking

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