Product Management

  • 9m
  • 9 questions
Product managers are responsible for the strategy, roadmap, and feature definition of a product. Product management is the art of leadership. Product managers are constantly learning and improving the way they work. Explore best practices in product management. This benchmark evaluates your understanding of this topic. Being aware of potential knowledge gaps allows you to better understand your current competency and areas for improvement, so you can find suitable content and curate your own learning path. The courses recommended at the end of this benchmark can help you fill potential gaps in your knowledge.

Topics covered

  • Product Management: An Overview
  • Product Management: Building a Product Roadmap and Agile Product Management
  • Product Management: Building a Product Strategy
  • Product Management: Communication for Product Managers
  • Product Management: Create a Go-to-Market Plan
  • Product Management: Designing and Running Experiments
  • Product Management: Market Research Basics
  • Product Management: Metrics for Product Managers
  • Product Management: Understanding and Developing Customers